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“Decoy Danni” by Heinrich Hippohurdler

There comes a time in every young monster’s life when the adult fangs have grown in, the claws are as sharp as they are going to get, and the lust for blood has reached a boiling point, and that is … Continue reading

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“Lottery” by Randy Long

Holy shit! All 6 numbers. I’ve won the lottery! Wow. I’m going to Olympia to get 3 million dollars. I can’t believe I won. I’m so broke I don’t even have the money for gas. I’m so broke. It’s the … Continue reading

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“Dilly the Evil Squirrel (Billy’s Evil Twin, Dilly the Squirrel)” by Randy Long

Dilly was an evil squirrel, a mean and rambunctious squirrel. Dilly would drop nuts on people walking under trees. Dilly would chase other squirrels and bite their tails and laugh. Dilly was always chasing other squirrels, and sometimes he would … Continue reading

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“The Great Chair” by Randy Long

My mom sat on her throne, which was passed down from her husband, two couches and one chair, in the middle of the room. For years she sat in the middle of the room, sitting in her chair for all … Continue reading

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“Billy the Squirrel” by Randy Long

[Once again, we have a guest author at The Primitive Entertainment Workshop. Join me in welcoming Randy Long to the ranks!] Billy the squirrel comes down the big maple tree to find the food on the ground that the older … Continue reading

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“I Fight at You” by Richard F. Yates

—Richard F. Yates (Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.) SUPPORT INDEPENDENT FOLKS WHO ARE JUST MAKING STUFF BECAUSE THEY LOVE IT!!! [Reconfirmed: 17 Aug. 2017]

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“The Marshmallow Queen” by Richard F. Yates

The Marshmallow Queen sat alone in her room sipping tea from an empty cup and listening to the bumps and crashes from the darkened room next door. “The poor dear is angry again,” the Queen said, and she smiled, sadly. … Continue reading

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