“The King of Nothingliness” by Richard F. Yates (and Richard O’Brien!)

The King of Nothingliness demands respect!

the king of nothingliness
—Richard F. Yates

[Here’s a little ditty that Mr. O composed post-hoc:

The boy asked the man about his appearance,
“Boy, to talk to me you must have clearance.”
“Why is that? Because of your bling?”
“No, it is because I’m the King of Everything!”

The boy looked confused and asked him, “Like what?”
“Like the sun and the moon and your little hut.”
“I don’t believe you,” the boy said to defy,
The man was quite angry but still asked him, “Why?”

“The sun and the moon in the sky were long out,
before you or I or my hut came about.”
“Then I am the king of this land, from corner to corner.”
“No,” the boy countered, “No land has an owner.”

“Then I am the king of people!” he said.
“If they don’t follow me, then I order their heads.”
“You can kill, that is true,” said the boy,
“But that makes you no king, just a killer’s employ.”

The king became sad and sat on the ground.
“Then I am the king of nothingliness, why am I even around?”
The boy sat next to the man, and said “That’s not true,”
You are the king of yourself – the ruler of YOU.”

“You create your own future, and let others mind their own.
You master your own happiness, whether a child or grown.
Don’t you see the answer is always beneath one’s skin.
We cannot control others, we can only control what’s within.”

The king stood up with pride, though his ego had been plundered,
“Then I will will rule me and leave others unencumbered!”
The boy showed a smile and the man simply said,
“Let people rule themselves – to be free and not led.”

(alternate ending for pessimistic realists):
The boy showed a smile and the man simply said,
“Just kidding y’all, this king wants this boy’s head.”

—Richard O’Brien]

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