“UPDATE! New Bands Confirm for The Electric Sheppard’s Pie Music Fest!” by Richard O’Brien & Richard F. Yates

More bands which have RSVPed for the event:

-Facebook Genocide
-Threat Level: Mayonnaise
-The Impossible Turtlenecks
-The Marshmallow Peep Coalition (Death metal)
-Wolverine Circumcision
-Skleeck! (feat. Khlort!)
-Jolly Keynote and the Rusty Razorblade Appendectomists
-Cloak and Dabney
-Syringe Synergy (Christian folk)
-Post-Coital Matricide (A Dizney on Ice musical)
-Satanists on Says a Me Street
-Mike Tyeson’s Enunciation Quartet
-The Sludge Luggers
-Toe Tag Trio and the Warped Bandaids
-The Academic Arsonist feat. The Hungry, Hungry Zippos.
-Aquatic Toast
-The Self-Flagellating Tobacconists
-The Productive Coughers Inc.

—O’Brien & Yates

[I had my fingers crossed on all of these bands! Hooray! —Richard F. Yates]

[Sadly, Satan’s Scrotum declined due to their “Christian convictions” and Uncle Gus and the Sing-Along Toddlers declined because of their “felony convictions.” Sorry about that.
—Richard O’Brien]

[A guy named Paul McCartney tried to get on the list but I told him that this is about A-list musical artists —Richard O’Brien]

[P.S. – If you, dear reader, haven’t seen the original band list for this amazing show, check that out HERE!]

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