“Cleaning Day” by Richard F. Yates

Greetings Humans!

Today is cleaning day, and that kinda sucks. I’ve just spent the last hour vacuuming the stairs. (We have three indoor cats that like to distribute fur and kitty litter throughout the house, but the carpeted stairs coming up from the basement seem to get “special” treatment…)

To treat myself for doing such a great job on the stairs, I’ve taken a break to have a huge brownie and some milk. (No, Mariah isn’t home. Why do you ask???)

For you regular Primitive followers, I’m sure you’ve seen me pushing the product sales lately, primarily because, here at the Primitive Bunker, we are broke! (And I’ve got such a nasty demeanor, it’s tough for me to get full time employment, as I tend to blow up and scream obscenities if I’m around humans for too long at a time…) Luckily, the Primitive Products seems to be on a bit of a consumer upswing! We’ve sold a few books (for info on those, look here), some stickers (for “Thursday Skulls” and “Jade Devil Sculpture“), and even a t-shirt (of a color version of one of the images from “The Raspberry Brute“!) Exciting stuff! And if you’re into helping out starving artist-types (or humorous con-man-types) check out the books we have for sale, as well as the Primitive Image Emporium AND the Postcards from Paradise pages! You’ll be very amused by all the funky things you can do with silly little drawings now-o-days! (And I’ll be excited at being able to buy milk and ramen!)

Okay, that’s probably enough exclamation pointing for one day—and besides, my brownie is getting cold.

—Richard F. Yates

About richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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