“The Sound of Silence” by Richard O’Brien

[This bit was sent to me by longtime collaborator and friend Richard O. I’m a day or two late posting it (because I’m a lazy ass) so the “Yesterday” referred to in the first line is actually from a couple of days ago. —Yates]

Okay, this is so exciting, a tiny story that is SO RFY that I can’t stand it, and it’s true. Yesterday Reddit was abuzz with John Cage, the composer who created 4’33” — a completely silent piano piece (much like the artists you have told me about who record something inane for hours as a work of art). Have you seen this piece by John Cage? You may have told me about this piece at some point because it is so you.

Anyway, it’s just a 4 min, 33 second “song” with him at the piano, but there is no song. He opens and closes the lid on the piano, then takes a composer’s stance with his hand, and then just holds it there. There is no music.

Okay, so the person who uploaded this silent video to Youtube apparently included the original (SILENT) audio track, and Youtube… wait for it… DISABLED THE AUDIO! There was a message from Youtube on the video that said it disabled the audio due to COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. Oh, you can’t make this up. Comments on Youtube were like, “This is so meta” and “You know John Cage would have been thrilled by such an occurrence.”

So after the embarrassment, Youtube did what was… stupid? They re-activated the audio track but included actual piano music, which is… I dunno, what is that? That is beyond meta.

Okay, thought I’d share. Somewhere the corpse of John Cage is laughing his ass off.

—Richard O’Brien (email sent to Richard F. Yates)

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