“Once Upon a Time in Henpeck” by Richard F. Yates

A long time ago (back in 2013), we put out a book, which contained the first 111 posts from The Primitive Entertainment Workshop. It’s a fancy book with full color pictures, and it costs a LOT, but it’s our book. (And by “our,” I mean the four people who contributed to the book: Scott Sparks, Randy Long, Elise Yates, and me. We’ve had a few more contributors since then.)

In the introduction to the book, I wrote the following words:

“…I liked the idea of a workshop that created raw, unskilled, even intentionally poor quality artwork and literature that could stand as a statement against the overly produced, focus-grouped to death, creation-by-committee junk that seems to be pervasive with modern works, like movies, pop music, and television.”


“The whole point of this project, remember, was to make work that defied the polished, mass produced, generic fodder that you can buy at any mini-mall or supermarket.”

and and

“…what you will find in this book is the raw deal, the warts and blemishes and spontaneous gunk that falls out of my head (and the heads of the few other participants who have donated their efforts to the cause.) This is fun shit, but Tolstoy it ain’t. Nor is it Picasso or Monet. We are simple folk, with simple pleasures, and if you take what we have to give in that spirit, you might enjoy it, in that simple, punk-rock sort of way, where you chuckle and shake your head and think, ‘This is pretty fun, but I bet I could do it better.’ And you probably could, and you most definitely should. Make shit.”

Sometimes, it’s important to look back at the beginning—especially when you are three years and almost 4,000 posts later—to reconnect with the origins, to remember why you started in the first place. Yeah…

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Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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