“…Or Nate Could Just Try Harder” by Richard F. Yates (and Richard O’Brien)

Nate’s problem is not really that he doesn’t try hard enough. Nate was preemie and his oxygen was briefly cut off by his umbilical cord, rendering him with an I.Q. of 87. Anyway, Nate struggled in school and was held back in 3rd grade, but he fought to catch up, and you know what? He accidentally killed his own mom with a George Foreman grill (the big one that can cook 4 hamburgers at once!). In high school, Nate was in love with Betsy Doufelmier but she liked Greg Jamesberg because he was rad. Greg was actually insecure as he had also accidentally killed a family member with a George Foreman grill in a completely different way (it wasn’t actually the grill itself, it was the little drippings tray which collects meat juices). Anyway, Greg still had issues stemming from his drippings-tray-killing and couldn’t even realize that Betsy Doufelmier could like HIM! If Greg had known, he would have been happier and not set that donut store on fire (the one that Peter (“Petey”) Gonzales frequented. It wasn’t that Petey liked donuts all that much, but he needed a place to go when his mother-in-law was in town – and she was ALWAYS in town. He just sipped coffee and talked to Bud Carlson, a local scrap metal collector who played Zelda when he wasn’t collecting scrap metal and feeding the ocelots down by Ol’ Man Henribs pond. Anyway, to make a long story short, Nate was eventually killed by an ocelot, which is kind of a coincidence.)

—Richard F. Yates (and Richard O’Brien)
[Image by Richard F. Yates. Words by Richard O’Brien.]

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Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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