“Primitive Garage Gallery – Day One” by Richard F. Yates

I’ve been thinking about turning our covered carport, which we don’t park in, into a “gallery” space for quite a while. In fact, I put three pieces up about a year ago and left them out to see if they would survive the somewhat DAMP weather we have here in southern Washington State. (They looked fine to me—maybe a bit “aged,” but not much more than any of the pieces that we have stored IN the garage.) So today was the day. Time to get started…

First Project—And then there was…
01-first project
02-and then there was

Every new SPACE needs a Blood Sacrifice to set it off in the proper direction. Thanks to a particularly stabby bit of debris, we got that part out of the way quickly.
03-blood sacrifice

Got some tools, a bunch of artwork to choose from, a bunch of hanging hooks, some tunes, and a water bottle. Ready to rock.
04-blank canvas a
05-blank canvas b
06-blank canvas c

This window looks like it will need some SPECIAL ATTENTION at a later date!
07-project for later

Twisted a hook into a 2×4 to hang my mini-speaker from. The speaker is fed a steady stream of tunes via ELECTRONIC MAGIC from the miniature jukebox in my pocket.

I’ll probably put some stuffed animals into these hanging planters… You know—BECAUSE…
09-stuffed animals

These are a few of the pieces that used to hang in a gallery in Olympia, Washington. (These are, obviously, some of the pieces that DIDN’T sell! Believe it or not, several DID!)
10-first two pieces hung
11-the other side of the door

So far, this piece has been my only attempt at TEXTILE ART…
12-textile art

Eleven ARTS (in “Dollar Store” frames!) hung in the section by the corner—plus the five around the door and the one latch-hook monster = SEVENTEEN pieces up and ready for viewing!
13-eleven pieces
14-not a bad start

It’s never a good idea to work TOO hard, so I’m calling it a day. Not a bad start, in my opinion… Any of you humans have any thoughts or suggestions??? Let me know in the comments! Thanks!
15-never good to work too hard

—Richard F. Yates


About richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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