“’Monte Carlo’ Achievement Unlocked” by Richard F. Yates

I posted one of my little digital drawings this morning, and I received a notice from WordPress saying that I’ve posted something every single day for 454 days in a row. That’s a BIG BLOCK of time, if you ask me… More than a year, not quite a year and a half, without missing a single day… Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve probably only missed about five or six days TOTAL in the last four or five years of posting stuff on the Primitive Entertainment Workshop…


thinking (23 sep. 2018) by rfy

Sometimes—when I’m feeling tired and headachy and broke—I’m convinced that I should just retire. I’m six years into working on this site now, and I’ve gone PRO (meaning it now COSTS me money to keep the site going) which means there aren’t any adverts on the site to bug you folks—but I only made something like $30 in art / book sales over the last year (it costs about a hundred to pay the bill) so there’s that “OPERATING AT A LOSS” element to consider, and I have until December to decide if it’s worth the money… The PROBLEM, however, is that if I no longer pay for the “PRO” level, I’m WAY over the memory allotment for the free version of the site, so an unpredictable amount of artwork with disappear, AND I won’t be able to post anything NEW without taking even MORE stuff down… Hmmmm…

Honestly, a hundred bucks per year for a hobby that I enjoy is pretty cheap (less than ten bucks per month), so the ECONOMIC COST isn’t that severe, but the psychological weirdness of doing this, every day, with little or no payback (I get a handful of likes, maybe a comment every few weeks)—that’s tough.

I love doing drawings and writing reviews and telling stories—but running this site takes a LOT of work! Posting images and essays and stories, and sharing the posts on various other sites, and uploading images for shirts and stickers and postcards, and compiling books and editing contributors’ stories, and making sure the images aren’t too big and taking up too much memory space, and trying to make a buck on Ko-Fi or Redbubble or Threadless or with Facebook sales or by slinging books, it’s seriously time consuming work… It’s enjoyable work, most of the time, but it’s not easy….and these things don’t even take into account my hourly job or my DJ work or my reading time or household chores… (Sleep and I aren’t really on a first name basis.)

I’m not suggesting that I’m thinking about quitting, either. I don’t think I’d know what to DO with myself if I didn’t have this outlet. I’m just feeling a bit tired at the moment…maybe a bit down… I’m overwhelmed, I suppose, and it’s looking like I’m not going to have time to get all 31 of my SPOOK SHOW 2018 reviews in before Halloween, which is a bummer, but I’ll see how many I can get written before All Hallows is upon us. TIME is the problem. I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff I’m trying to do all at the same time, and I’m gridlocked, at bit. I’m behind in my Sharkey posts, I still haven’t put out the Allen Tombes book, I still haven’t compiled the first Read a Damn Book book, and I’m working on THREE really long, somewhat difficult reading projects, and I’m not sure if I’m going to finish them all. (Two of them are for sure going to get reviewed. The last one is ridiculously TOUGH! I’m going to try to finish it, but I’ve already been reading the book for something like a month and a half and I’m not even a quarter of the way through it yet!) I also have two little writing projects that I’ve got boiling up in my head that I want to write (WHEN?), AND I need to get back to working on the RPG—because I think that’s going to be a lot of fun once I get it to a PLAYABLE state. (AND AND, my seasonal job is going to end here in five or six weeks, and I’ll be back to hunting for employment again, which SUCKS! I hate job hunting…)

So there we go. Thought I’d take a moment and do some TRUE CONFESSIONS and share my “achievement” of posting 454 days in a row. We’ll see how much longer I can keep at it. Maybe I’ll get to 500 days in a row and win a Kewpie doll! I’ll keep ya’ll informed if I do! Later!

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.)



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2 Responses to “’Monte Carlo’ Achievement Unlocked” by Richard F. Yates

  1. Ohhhh, this sounds familiar… What I wouldn’t give for an extra 6 usable hours in every day! I find if I take a step back, switch everything off for a day (or even a couple of hours), and go to the park/a gallery/the pub, it resets my brain and helps me come back to my (apparently endless) to-do list a little bit refreshed. So take a break… It sounds like you’ve earned it! 😀

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