“Don’t Think of It as ‘Buying Product!’ You’re ‘Contributing to the Mental Health of the World!’” by Richard F. Yates

Greetings Fellow Wage Slaves!

Today’s grand plan is to give you creative, mentally balanced, happy humans (or whatever you identify as) a chance to indulge your COMMUNITY SERVICE urges! I’ve recently loaded MORE junk to Redbubble AND that experimental Crypto-Thingy site (it’s called MakersPlace, and it’s ALMOST ready for the general public…if I’ve been accurately informed by the folks in the know,) that you generous folks can gawk at and, should the mood strike you, throw some dough in the direction of…it/them… Thing…

As I’ve mentioned in about a million previous posts, I’m trying to raise $100.00 (in U.S. bucks) so that I can pay for another year’s web site bill. If you find the silly and scary and depressing and woozy things that I do AMUSING…(Do I AMUSE YOU?)…then you can maybe, possibly, with some trepidation, but without feeling too guilty, allow a few credits to slip from between your fingers and slide in this direction! (I wouldn’t mind a bit—and I won’t tell your life-partner that you’ve cheated on them by supporting another. MUM is the word! Totally…)

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a bunch of junk—and several of these bits (in the crypto section) have NEVER been seen by eye-holes before!

THE REDBUBBLE BITS! (Should you wish to acquire a t-shirt, coffee mug, post-card, clock, or pair of leggings with any of these images on them, just click the name of the thingy, and you’ll be whisked away to the Land of Commerce and Honey! Ahhhh…)

“Art, Bitches!”
art bitches

“Zombie Priest Goes Greaser”
zombie priest goes greaser (28 jul. 2018) by rfy - (peg)

“Scary Goth”
scary goth

“Dem Bones”
dem bones

“The Bowling Beast”

“Anti-Gravity Coagulation”
anti-gravity coagulation

“Too Tight”
too tight (3 aug. 2018) by rfy - (peg)

NEXT, we’ve got some seriously weird stuff—not weird because I made bad art (that’s pretty common around these parts,) but weird because it’s DIGITAL CRYPTO BLOCK-CHAIN ETHEREUM LIMITED EDITION electro shit! IT’S THE FUTURE, DAMN IT!!! Or, technically, it’s the NOW—but it sure feels like the future… Anyway, the first THING in this list is a GENESIS piece, a first, an ORIGINAL…my first ever DIGITAL TRADING CARD!!! I’m calling this series “Crypto-Primitive Trading Cards,” for a number of reasons (most of them probably self-evident.) I don’t know how many of these cards I’m going to create, but I DO know that there will only ever be FIVE of each. That means the first five entities that GET them will OWN them, like no other entities in the universe! (Until they sell them for a huge profit!* (*Huge profit not guaranteed in the Milky Way Galaxy…) The images below the “trading card” are other DIGITAL ORIGINALS that I’ve already made available through my STORE PAGE. (Click where is says, “STORE PAGE” to go there…) I haven’t figured out how to find a stable URL for the individual items that are for sale, but the main store has everything that I’ve uploaded. Go ahead and give it a look! (Lookin’ don’t cost nuthin’!) (And if you have questions about this stuff, I recommend two different articles that almost explain the CRYPTO-ART thing, a bit: article ONE / article TWO. Or, I suppose you could send me a note if you want to chat about crypto-block-chain-electro-digital-dank-rare stuff. I’m fascinated by the whole dang thing at the moment!) Aaaaaaand, I’v rambled enough. Here’s some lo-rez images of the fancy CRYPTO-ART bits. (Is it funny to show lo-rez images of hi-rez items that are based on lo-skill, sketchy art??? Ha?)

“CPTC #1 – ‘Broken Sprite’”
cptc - 001 - (peg)

“Super Lame”
(mksp 1) - super lame (28 sep. 2018) by rfy - (peg)

“Bunny Wearing a Mask (Surrounded by Snakes)”
(mksp 2) - bunny wearing a mask (surrounded by snakes) by rfy - (peg)

“Pitched Battle (Uncolorized Raw Cut)”
(mksp 2) - pitched battle (uncolorized raw cut) - (peg)

“Simply Irresistible (Glamour Photo)”
(mksp 4) - simply irresistible (glamour photo) by rfy - (peg)

“She is Just Going To… (B&W Late Nite Vers.)”
(mksp 5) - she is just going to... (b&w late nite vers.) - (peg)

“Mr. Snoot”
(mksp 6) - mr. snoot by rfy - (peg)

“Lost Love”
(mksp 7) - lost love - (peg)

“Rev. Coyote (Takes Up Pugilism)”
(mksp 8) - Rev. Coyote (Takes Up Pubulism) by rfy - (peg)

The Eagle-Eyed amongst you will notice that a few of these images are alternate versions of pieces already posted to The Primitive Entertainment Workshop, but I thought I’d take this other site as an opportunity to share some variation! My WIFE (Mariah) prefers when I color my drawings, but I sometimes like the uncolored, raw versions—and this gives me the opportunity to share the alternates with the electro-verse. With that info in hand, a few of these pieces are actually, also, completely original, never before seen things. I’m cool with that, too. (Exclusive content for the CRYPTO-community!)

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I’m not EXACTLY sure how this cryptocurrency thing works, but I’m willing to give the experiment some time and energy and see where it goes. If nothing else, it’s inspired me to start that DIGITAL TRADING CARD project, which I’m deeply amused by at the moment (whether anyone else finds it interesting or not isn’t the point. It’s got ME moving again! Woooo!!!)

So there you go. My recent output (and a bit of scrounging for change.) If you find any of this ideas intriguing or amusing, drop me a note and we’ll discuss. If you’re rich as hell, feel free to pick up a Print on Demand THING from my Redbubble page or drop some electro-credits on a DIGITAL ORIGINAL and be one of the cutting edge collectors who scare the normals!!! And, if you’re literary minded, don’t forget that we have ELEVEN different books for sale at the moment, which can be YOURS, just by going to THIS page and taking a look at what we’re hocking! That ONE BOOK just might strike your fancy! (We ARE the FANCY-STRIKERS!!!)

That’s it. Thanks for playing!

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.)



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Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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