“Well…I Guess I’m a Famous Artist Now!” by Richard F. Yates

Yep. No doubt about it. The proof is in the pudding. The truth is out there. It’s destiny (or Dentyne.)

What am I prattling about? (As if you didn’t already know…) I’ve sold another piece of CRYPTOART! You heard it here first, folks. And, as we all know, if you sell ONE piece of cryptoart, that might just be one of your friends or family members who are trying to be supportive. If you sell TWO pieces of cryptoart, that might be a family member buying the first one and somebody accidentally pushing the “buy” button on the second piece. (It’s happened to all of us…) BUT, if you sell a THIRD piece of cryptoart—then you are a FAMOUS ARTIST! We all know the rules, and that’s how it works!

The “work” that I’m referring to (us famous artists call our art bits “work”) is being hosted (and tokenized) by MakersPlace, and if you want to look at the work I have available, you can follow the link to MY MAKERSPLACE STORE. Otherwise, here are the pieces that I have, so far, sold:

“An Alliance was Formed (That Ended in Tears)” – [CPTC – S2 #9]
cptc - s2 - 9 - (peg)

This piece was, originally, a digital drawing and comes from series two of my Crypto-Primitive Trading Cards. Only ten of these digital trading cards will ever be created. Like, EVER. Done. (There are NINE left…)

“Self Portrait (Waiting)” – [CPTC – STM1 – 6]
cptc - stm1 - 6 - (peg)

This drawing was originally red ink on paper, finished with digital embellishments and colors. It is card #6 in my Steem Special Series of digital trading cards, which are in landscape format. Only ten of these cards will be published, and there are NINE left…in the whole wide world…

“Bunny is Afraid to Look” – [CPTC #10]
cptc - 010 - (peg)

And this here piece was originally ink on found cardboard (I’m planning an article on my “creative process,” which will show you exactly what I mean by “found cardboard,”) and it comes from my first series of Crypto-Primitive Trading Cards. There will only be FIVE of these pieces ever created…and there are only FOUR left in the entire universe (and, yes, we can tell if you try to pass off an alternate universe version of this piece in our dimension, so don’t even try it!) The first series of crypto trading cards I created includes 13 different designs, and only five of each piece are going to be created. That’s some RARE DIGITAL SHIT!!!

So there you have it. My fame is assured—I’m giving autographs in the alley behind the Chinese Gardens’ Lounge this weekend, if you’re in the Pacific Northwest—but if you can’t hang out in an alley with me, there’s still a SLIGHT chance that you can, at the very least, get your hands on some of these SWEET crypto trading cards BEFORE they sell out completely and enter the RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED SECONDARY MARKET. (This is all “famous artist” stuff, of course. I watched a documentary on Jean-Michel Basquiat, so I know all about it…) Again, you can check out the artwork—and read the goofy STORIES that I include with most of these pieces—by visiting MY MAKERSPLACE STORE! It’s super-fun, and you don’t HAVE to buy anything to visit and look at all the weird pictures! If you do stop by the store, send me a note and let me know what you thought!!! Thanks!!!

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.)



About richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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