“Received a Ghost-O-Gram!” by Richard F. Yates

I received a Ghost-O-Gram* this A.M. from the Winged Serpent (who regretted that he/she/it couldn’t see me in person, but he/she/it was knee deep in a conversion process in another trans-dimensional reality space, so… Kinda busy…And snakes don’t have knees, so I’m guessing there were complications!) The Ghost-O-Gram said that the Serpent was pleased with my progress, and he/she/it felt that “The First Laugh” was a solid opening move in establishing my new (very old) philosophy. It wasn’t seen by many people, and it was understood by very few folks, but eyes were engaged, and that’s something.

Unfortunately, the Serpent didn’t say what I should do next—so I’ll have to meditate on it and see if wisdom (eventually) comes. Patience is a virtue, or so it’s been said.

*(“Ghosts,” I have been told, are deeply misunderstood in the modern world. Most folks seem to believe they are the “souls” of deceased humans, or animals in some cases, that are either trapped partially in our dimension or that some how live on after the death of the body and brain of the entity being witnessed. This is absurd, of course, as brain function produces the personality that we know as an individual person, and altering the brain, through trauma or drug use or illness or prolonged exposure to negative situations, almost always causes a given personality to dissolve—to no longer be an active projection of the bio-chemical-electro system of that brain—and a new projection, a different person or personality (or “soul,” if that’s the language you choose to use) emerges. It may be similar to the previous personality, but it is not the SAME person, just as a rose blossom will appear on a bush, die, and be replaced by another blossom, which may have the same basic shape and coloring, but is not the same bloom. And, following this logic, when the entire bush dies, no further blossoms can emerge. Humans, however well dressed they may be, are bio-chemical systems and subject to physical processes, just like blades of grass, squids, stars, and galaxies are.

What we call “ghosts,” then, are THOUGHT FORMS, projected by some as of yet unknown quantum-neuro-electrical process into our perceived dimension-space, and they may sometimes appear in a form similar to a once living human, in fact they may even be inhabited by a non-physical multidimensional consciousness and act with intelligence, or they may simply be a projection from within the mind of the individual witnessing the apparition. (I’ll leave you to guess which of these my Ghost-O-Gram was this morning.) Ghosts are a fascinating, if highly misunderstood, phenonemon—which I hope to theorize on more fully in future posts. They also, often, terrorize Pacman and his family, which is sad…)

—Richard F. Yates

About richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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