“Angry Old Guy Digital Tender(ness)” by Richard F. Yates

aogdt 1 - (peg)

Everyone else seems to be printing their own currency lately (whether that be creating a new token or cryptocurrency or minting physical coins or the Fed printing new money or Hasbro’s Monopoly games or Andy Warhol printing images of dollar bills or Jean-Michel Basquiat’s painting called “Five Thousand Dollars” or Emperor Norton making his own currency or Fluxus Bucks!), so I figured it was my turn to make some MONEY! (For once!)

Actually, what I’ve created here is pretty complicated (and dangerous, in an alchemical sense! BEWARE!!!) It’s all of the following: (1) a series of crypto-art, digitally rare assets—13 editions are all that will EVER be created—(that folks can purchase with cryptocurrency or fiat from my crypto-art store), and (2) a digital artwork that can be copied, manipulated, ignored, shared, distorted, or whatever, by whosoever that wants to dosowhatever, and (3) a series of physical prints (11 by 8.5 inches) that I’ve having printed on actual paper and which can be interacted with in the real world.

Here’s what I wrote at my MakersPlace store, where the crypto-art versions are available:

“ Combining cryptocurrency, social commentary, self-deprecating photography, and the mail-art trope of the ADD-and-PASS, I present the new ANGRY OLD GUY DIGITAL TENDER(NESS)! (The name is a pastiche of the beer company [I don’t drink beer, so I thought it was funny to borrow from a beer company] and the songs “Digital Tenderness” by Adam and The Ants AND “Tenderness” by General Public. [R.I.P. Rankin’ Roger! You were one of the best!!!])

This is a “currency” in the sense that it says it’s a “tender” (although it doesn’t say it’s a “legal tender,” which means it’s probably an “illegal tender.” Although, up to this point it hasn’t been legislated against…yet…that I know of.) I’m also allowing folks (as if I could stop them) to copy and alter and distribute and fuck with the image as much as they like. I’m all for messing things up in the name of art. (That would be Art Carney, I suppose…) Although, only the first thirteen TRULY PRIMITIVE folks will get to own the crypto-art assets! (Any other versions will all be counterfeit, which is cool with me…)

That’s it! Do with it what you will…

—Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool and [Faux] Angry Old Guy)”

(I think I’m pretty funny.)

Anyway, if you are interested in the crypto-art version, go to my MakersPlace store! If you want a digital copy to mess with you can just steal it off any online source you’d like (including this page—I don’t mind!) OR I can send you a PDF version, if you’d prefer one of those. I am also printing a number of physical copies of this piece (on nice 60 lbs. paper) that you can frame and stick on your wall OR that you can collage over or alter or manipulate however you see fit and distribute to other folks, for your or their amusement. (I miss mailart. If postage costs weren’t so high, I’d still be RIGHT IN THERE sending stuff through the post on a daily basis! But I’m too poor now… Boo hoo hoo….)

And that, my fiends, is that! Enjoy!

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)



About richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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