“Every Lost Button…” by Richard F. Yates

every lost button... (26 apr. 2019) by rfy - (peg)

Sometimes, the LESS sense a piece makes the better—because it’s the attemp by the viewer to MAKE sense of the work that’s most important. The search for meaning becomes the meaning. Finding treasure from a faulty pirate map…

Honestly, what I INTEND for a work of art to mean goes out the window once it leaves my custody and finds its way into the world at large.

“Meaning” is personal, and since I only know MY headspace (and fear that I am ill equipped to judge or interpret or predict other people’s interpretations) the best I can do is MAKE my stuff, then kiss it goodbye and shove it out the door!

With that pre-ramble behind us, the drawing above is (obviously) intended to represent a psycho-social drama about political corruption and the ramifications of poverty on the cognitive development of afflicted youths and the lifelong neuroses expressed by adults who experience this type of flawed linguistic-slash-semantic shortfall during crucial developmental stages. I hope that comes across clearly, and that folks don’t think the drawing is only about a radioactive button (which is a shallow, SURFACE interpretation, at best, ignoring the much more complex narrative implied by the piece…)

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)



About richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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1 Response to “Every Lost Button…” by Richard F. Yates

  1. But why did he pull the legs off that insect using only one hand? Some kind of hand-dominance messaging? With such regret, too. Also, is he Egyptian? Just wondering because of the hieroglyph in the right corner.

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