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“Read a Damn Book – 145: The Avengers – Marvel Masterworks Volume 1”

Considering Avengers – End Game has recently become one of the biggest grossing films of all time, it seemed appropriate to go back and look at where the mega-franchise all began. It probably won’t come as much of a surprise, but these … Continue reading

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“Arcade Adventure (25 May 2019)” by Richard F. Yates

In the spirit of “Go! Have fun now! Gather ye rosebuds…,” my wife (Mariah), younger daughter (Elise), her boyfriend (Gabe), and I went on a grand adventure on Saturday (May 25th, 2019.) The original plan was to visit the Oregon … Continue reading

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“Rats!” by Mark Counts

In response to my “Drawing with My Phone” post, my friend, Mark Counts, drew this masterpiece! He wrote that this was “a paint program quickie…” Whether this drawing was a “quickie” or not, I LOVE IT!!! —Richard F. Yates (Primitive … Continue reading

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“Don’t Stress” by Richard F. Yates

Don’t be like Mr. Blatzen! He has ulcers, high blood pressure, and an unpleasant disposition because he always worries about what COULD go wrong in the future, instead of enjoying those things that are going well right in front of … Continue reading

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“Adam Savage @ Revolution Hall (22 May ’19)” by Richard F. Yates

On Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019, Mariah (aka “The Boss”), Frankie (aka “The Older Daughter”), and Alec (aka “The Older Daughter’s Husband”), and I met at Mariah’s eye clinic, loaded into a single vehicle, and hit the open road, headed for … Continue reading

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“Drawing with My Phone” by Richard F. Yates

Howdy folks, it’s Saturday morning, and I’m not feeling particulary creative or capable of spinning any interesting lies today—so I’m going for a “how-to” or, more accurately, a “how-I-do” post. Yesterday, for fun, while I was sitting around killing a … Continue reading

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“Ya Better Watch Yourself, Buddy!” by Richard F. Yates

Howdy folks! This here monster was recently accosted on the streets of Henpeck, Washington, by some unpleasant jerk who just didn’t like the way the poor monster looked. (Prejudice sucks! But luckily, justice was swiftly served! The man who committed … Continue reading

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“Wiggle Like You’re Broken” by Richard F. Yates

[Digital drawing made with the free “Paint” program that came with my laptop. 2019.] This is my emotional / visceral responce to all the music I listened to yesterday while I was prepping my “More Music, Please” playlist. Something about … Continue reading

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“More Music, Please” Playlist by Richard F. Yates

Howdy Folks, this is Richard F. Yates playing the “Selector,” once again, to bring YOU some classic and new, and not-so classic and not-so-new, tunes! I’m once again straddling many fences here, playing everything from disco to punk, and one … Continue reading

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“Trapped By My Own Content? (Self Imposed Prison?)” by Richard F. Yates

Survived the night—although I did have to get up somewhere around 3:A.M. and take some pills. My knee was aching somethin’ fierce… Still and all, as my Grandpa Bob used to say, “Every day above ground is a good day!” … Continue reading

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