“The End Times” by Richard F. Yates

the end times (11 jun. 2019) by rfy

Well folks, it’s been a fun ride.

From December 2012 to June 2019, we posted more than SEVEN THOUSAND drawings, stories, jokes, poems, manifestos, photographs, insults, fake religious tracts, travel diaries, quips, and conceptual nonsense pieces to The Primitive Entertainment Workshop—but most of my co-conspirators (like Randy Long, Scott Sparks, Richard O’Brien, Josh Erdahl…) have moved on to greener pastures, leaving me as the sole content producer (plus or minus a remix by Mark Counts every now and then) for the site.

And now it’s time for me to cap the project and say goodnight…

It’s not easy to end something that’s been so much fun, but there are several reasons why I’ve decided to do this. One of the biggest is the fact that I’m at 99% capacity for the memory allotment again—and I just don’t have the energy to go back through all those posts and find the ones with images that I can compress to make more room. Another big reason is that, after six and a half years, I don’t think I’ve made a penny off this project! I SPENT a hundred bucks to have a “pro” account for a year, but even then, I couldn’t figure out a way to get any return on my investment, so I’m moving on to focus on projects that have a better payout. For example, I’ve already sold several crypto-art pieces through my MakersPlace store, I’ve made an average of $1.70 per post through my contributions to the Steem blockchain—although most of the posts only make a few cents, when one hits big I’ll get between $10 and $15 for a single book review, as opposed to this site where the exact same reviews get me ZERO dollars—and the physical art that I’ve been making and selling in my lawn has been a great source of income, too, so I’ve been doing a lot more of that lately! (Although, none of those things are working out well enough that I can quit my day-job and support myself entire through my creative efforts, it’s still nice when SOME compensation comes my way for all the hard work and dedication I put in. I actually had a stretch on The Primitive Entertainment Workshop where I posted for 664 days in a row, without missing a single day—and I still got nothing for it, economically speaking. I certainly got something from it in terms of self-esteem and in a body of work that I’m seriously proud of…but you just can’t eat pride, and I gotta eat!)

This isn’t to say that I’m disappointed with this site or that I feel like I wasted my time here. On the contrary, I think WE (as a group) created a massive, interesting, incredibly entertaining body of work with this project—which I can now sift through and start crafting books from based on particular ideological strains and trajectories! For one, I want to do a Snake book of just the posts where Richard O’Brien came up with some wild (usually offensive) slogan and I drew Snake acting that slogan out. Those were fun! I also need to compile Randy Long’s Further Adventures – Bigfoot into book form (he wants me to make a Complete Bigfoot Stories book that has both his original Bigfoot tale AND the Further Adventures under one cover. I’m cool with that.) Now that the project is DONE, I can start going through it, curating the highlights, and doing stuff with all this RAW MATERIAL! (I’ve already made a book out of the faux-art collective stuff!)

And don’t think that I’ve stopped working on new materials, either! I still post EVERY SINGLE DAY; I’ve just moved my primary operation to the Steem. If you want to keep up with my drawings and travel adventures and book reviews and freaky stories, go here:


If you aren’t on Steem, and don’t plan on joining, I usually post a link to my stories on Twitter, too. (I know some of you folks do the Twitter thing…) You can find me there as: @richardfyates

I still love writing and reading and drawing and making things and fabricating stories, and recounting my adventures out there in the PHYSICAL world. (Scary place.) In fact, in the next few days, I’m planning another book review (of a comic about some evil dairy products) and a “How-To” on cutting and folding a micro-zine, and I’ve also got several drawings that I’ve finished that just need some stories to go with them… So I’m still moving and shaking, I’m just dancing at a new club! (You’re welcome to join the Steem party, if you like, although it does take a few weeks, sometimes, if demand is high, to get approved for an account. Blockchain stuff is complex, and I can’t pretend to understand how it works, but I’m enjoying the experience, there, now that I’ve figured out the basics and started getting my “Steem Legs.” [Those are like sea legs, but without the getting sick over the side of a boat.])

Anyway, thanks to all the folks who have stuck with me for years and years, and thanks ESPECIALLY to the dozens of folks who have contributed art or words or inspiration over more than half-a-decade and seven THOUSAND posts!!! We did something pretty extraordinary here, and maybe people who find this content over the next few years (as long as the world doesn’t end, or WordPress doesn’t go bankrupt, or some similar disaster) will get a good laugh out of it! If that happens, it will all have been worth it!

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)


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