BIGFOOT (Story) by Randy Long

As a child, I remember staying at my uncle’s in the summertime. My uncle lived in the country, with a few acres of land and a medium sized house. The Folk Lore in the Pacific Northwest was of Bigfoot. His house, my uncle’s, was on the way to Mt. St. Helens, and he owned the last gas station on your way to the mountain in a little town called Kid Valley. His wife, my aunt, had a shack next to the gas station called The Burger Bar. Homemade burgers and any flavored milkshake you could think of, and french-fries, all homemade, and everybody going to the mountain would stop, fill up their tanks, get a burger, fries, and a delicious milkshake. All for about $20 or less.

Now I remember staying the summers there, and my older sister would work at the burger bar. I was too young to work the burger bar then, so I would go exploring. It was an enchanted place. In the morning, deer and elk would come right up in the yard next to my uncle’s house. I remember walking the trails and seeing deer no more than a few feet away. They weren’t afraid of me. I was mesmerized walking next to the deer trails. They wandered off behind my uncle’s property, and you could sit down on a log and watch forest animals all around you. Rabbits and racoons wandering through the brush. There was a small stream next to the trail where you could share the stream with a passing deer.

I remember this as clear as if it just happened. Here’s the part where things get a little strange. While out exploring one day, I was walking down a trail, and off the main trail there was an old trail that was pretty well grown over, and I decided to explore it. Down that old trail, it got narrower the further I went. Finally, it ended and the brush grew over, but looking down through the brush I seen something that looked out of place in the middle of the woods. It was a door, a full-size door made of wood and laying on the ground with a key in the keyhole, and I removed the key and put it in my pocket. I thought to myself, “What’s a door doing way out here?” And when I bent down to reach for the door, I noticed, all of a sudden, everything around me was silent. No bird sounds. No animals. Everything was quiet. I noticed, next to the key hole, there was light coming through, and the door was laying on the ground!

I thought to myself, “Should I open the door? Or…” As I turned the doorknob and lifted up on the door it sprung open, and there was a bright light coming out, but it didn’t appear to be down anymore. It seemed like it was up-right and glowing, and the sounds of the forest were back. Birds were singing, and I stepped in the doorway. My mind was racing, and I wasn’t in the forest anymore. In fact, I’m not sure where I was.

The sun was still shining, but then I noticed there were two suns. And I heard something coming. I hid behind some boulders, and two creatures came walking by. They were Bigfoot creatures. I realized why the Bigfoot are never found dead or their remains were never discovered. I had stepped through a doorway into another world.

Things were a lot different there, but it seemed that the dominant creatures there were the Bigfoot. There were other animals, but no signs of people. The Bigfoot seemed to be the people there. I went back to the door, and it was just like on the other side. As soon as I sprung open the door and was about to go through the doorway, it was up-right, and I went in through the doorway and out the other side.

The door was very old and had been forgotten. I went back down the trail and found the main trail again, marking the way back to my uncle’s house. When I told everyone about the door, they all said, “Boy, you got a heck of an imagination.”

Well, the next time I went back, I couldn’t find the doorway. Soon, summer was over, and I went back home to Longview. And each summer I went back, but couldn’t find the doorway, and I finally began to believe it was something that I had imagined in my youth.

Well, the years went by, and I grew up, and I forgot about the doorway, but I always wore the golden key around my neck. Maybe it was just a kid’s imagination. I got older and started to settle down, found the love of my life and got married. Those days when I spent summers at my uncle’s were just good old memories. Then, one day, I got a letter. My uncle had passed away. In the will, he left the house and property to me.

On the weekends, I’d go up to the property and try to relive my childhood. One day, when exploring in the forest, I came across an old trail, and my memories started flooding back. In my head was “Is that the same trail I discovered as a child, or wasn’t that just my imagination?” Well sure enough, I went down that trail and found a door in the middle of the woods!

More about Kid Valley.

I recall walking across the street, which was Spirit Lake Highway, down a trail through the woods, and the Toutle River was at the bottom of the trail. When I was just a child, I remember walking a trail along the Toutle River and walking into the side of the mountain where the train tunnel went in.

I remember bats flying around the entrance to the tunnel and someone saying to watch out and cover your head because a bat will fly into your hair and you’ll have to get your hair cut to get it out. Not to mention having to kill it as it struggles in your hair. That always bothered me.

When you came out the other side of the tunnel, there was a beach for fishing or swimming.

At Kid Valley was, basically, my uncle’s and aunt’s store, which was a gas station out front and two bedrooms upstairs. That’s where I slept in the summer time. It had a building on the side, kind of a garage. When I first started spending summers up in Kid Valley, there was a shack next to the road, which was called the burger bar. My sister and my aunt ran the burger bar. Behind the burger bar was a cabin that people could rent, and anybody heading to Mt. St. Helens would stop there because it was the last gas station before getting to the mountain. Any log truck drivers or anybody working in the woods or in the area or anybody living in the area would stop there.

Next to the cabin, and behind the burger bar and the other side of the store and gas station was a bare spot, like a parking area, and behind that, a big field where, in the mornings, you would always find deer.

The local legend was bigfoot, and I remember my uncle having a casting of a bigfoot footprint sitting inside the gas station on the floor. The footprint was huge and seemed kind of deformed. My uncle, Stan-Lee (No relation to the comic book writer), was a grouchy old fart most of the time, but pretty straight forward. But when he talked about bigfoot, he always became real serious. I even remember a local guy wrote and sung and made a record about bigfoot.

And all the locals would talk and tell stories about bigfoot. Bigfoot, around Kid Valley, was more than just a legend. Everyone had their own stories, but they all described bigfoot basically the same. There was a story I remember, and was sworn to secrecy, that this old gentleman told like this. He told me, “You swear you will never tell anyone?” and as he spoke he had fear in his eyes and voice. He said, “I trapped a pair of bigfoot in a cave in Oregon in the mountains near the California border. I could show you where.” About then, someone came in. He looked at me and said, “You swore.” I just shook my head. Nothing more was ever said by him, but I never forgot.

Back to Kid Valley. After a few summers, my Aunt Josephine expanded the burger bar. Where the bare spot next to the store and gas station was, she built a restaurant and retired the burger bar shack. The restaurant was called the Kid Valley Restaurant, with a dining area that had windows all around one side, towards the field, and also to the front side, facing Spirit Lake Highway, where occasionally log trucks would roar by.

My sister would start work at 4:30 in the morning, and the restaurant would open at 5:00 A.M. My sister was eight years older than me, and she was a very hard worker. Her name was Colleen, and she was a real spunky, cheerful gal. All the older guys would flirt with her. She would just take it in stride and keep working. The locals would come drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, and shoot the bull. The main topic seemed to always come back to bigfoot.

And yes, there really was a cast of bigfoot’s footprint. And everybody’s stories, if you ask them, they weren’t just stories, they were real.

I have very fond memories of Kid Valley. It was a much simpler time, carefree and slowed way down. A time before computers, and a time before the throw-away age, when Kid Valley was an enchanted place. As soon as you turn the corner and started up the hill, a large area flattened out to the right of Spirit Lake Highway, about 40 miles or so up to Mt. St. Helens, 20 years before anyone new about volcanoes.

The mid 1960s.

About 1966, no volcanoes, no computers, no throw-away plastic. The time of the sexual revolution. No cell phones and the beginning of color television, very bad T.V. reception. If you were lucky, you might get 5 or 6 channels, and that’s with an antenna. Oh yes, a much simpler time. Gasoline was about 20 cents a gallon, and no one was in a hurry to go anywhere. There was no such thing as road rage.

In 1966, I was an 8 year old kid, and that was my first impression of Kid Valley, but over the next few summers, I grew to love my adventures in and around the valley.

I remember, a person’s word was just that back then. If you said something, there didn’t have to be no formal contract. You just gave your word. I don’t think it was something special about Kid Valley, but it’s where I learned a lot of my morals. You didn’t have to say cuss words to be cool. In fact, it wasn’t cool to cuss. People believed in family and ate at the same table. Played games as a family and on Sunday’s went to church, and Sunday evenings, gathered around the T.V. and watched Disney.

Now we have modern technology, and things have speeded up too fast for family life.

But back to the story. The forest around Kid Valley was dense. The nearest town was Toutle, which was 25 miles away. The next closest was Castle Rock, 40 miles from Kid Valley, and Longview/Kelso, about 50 miles away. Longview is where I actually lived, and I stayed summers at Kid Valley. Getting back to Kid Valley, like I said, the forests were dense, and there were trails all around and going all over in the woods.

Some trails would take you down along the river. Others, deep into the forest, some along streams, and others would open up into fields and orchards where the deer and elk would graze and bed down. There was never a lack of animals in the woods. And when I was young, the animals were never afraid of human interaction.

Spirit Lake, about 10 miles away at the base of Mt. St. Helens, was a big, mysterious lake. As a kid, I was told that the lake was so deep in spots they couldn’t find the bottom. And that Boy Scouts had drowned there, and they never recovered the bodies. I always tried to keep my distance from Spirit Lake, even though it was a very beautiful lake. But that was probably just me.

Back to the trails along Kid Valley. You could go for miles. Deep in the woods, the streams were fresh and clean, and animal tracks were all over. I looked, always by myself, in the deep woods behind Kid Valley. I guess I knew something was in the woods, something strange but not to be feared, because, of all the times I was in the woods, nothing ever hurt me. But at times things, or something…the forest would get quiet. No bird sounds, no nothing. Sometimes an odd smell, and feeling as if something or someone was watching me, just out of sight. Then “déjà vu,” you know, that feeling in the woods, you’ve been there, done that.

Years later, I returned to Kid Valley.

I was deep in the woods and down a long, old trail when it came to me, that feeling from years ago. I remembered this trail. Before going any further, I marked where I was at, and hurried back to Kid Valley. I called my wife and a friend, and told them both to come to Kid Valley. I also told them both to have backpacks and sleeping bags, food, and water for three days.

My wife showed up first, and I told her of the trail and what I found all those years ago. I said that no one believed me, but that I’d found the trail again. Of course, my wife, Linda, wanted to believe, but come on. I was asking a lot. And I told her, wait until my friend, Ed, shows up and we’ll go see.

Well, finally, Ed showed up, and I told him the story, and I could tell neither one believed me. I said, “Bear with me. If there’s nothing out there, we’ll have a nice little hike, but we’ll see.” As we walked down the trail, I got more nervous, and they both thought I was crazy. So I was thinking, I better get the right trail this time! And there was my mark! At the beginning of the old trail, there was my mark!

Things had changed in the 30 plus years from the first time I went down the trail. It was a lot more overgrown, and I was wondering if I could find the door. Well, we were getting pretty close, I was pretty sure, and the trail was getting real narrow. I kept wondering if I could find the spot. Both my wife and friend were in disbelief. I was getting nervous.

Right when I was about to give up, I spotted something, but the brush was so thick… I was sure I was at the spot—but no door. There was a hole, kind of, in the brush. I pushed the brush back, and found what looked to be the entrance to a cave, but no door like there had been before.

We were here, and my wife, Linda, was trying to believe me, but I wasn’t sure even I believed me.

About then, Ed said, “Well we’re here. We might as well check out the cave.”

We all three started down the cave, and I noticed there was no animals and no birds chirping or anything. I was about to mention that fact when my wife looked to me and said, “That’s eerie. There’s no animal sounds.” And I said I noticed that, too. About then, we all noticed light ahead in the tunnel, and the closer we got to the light the brighter it got. It was almost blinding. Right when the light was the strongest, it felt like we were going through a barrier, like a door…

But where did the door go that used to be in the woods? It wasn’t there, but was replaced by this light! We all three went through the barrier, and just like all those years ago, I looked up, and there were two suns in the sky.

“So I’m crazy, huh?”

My friend and my wife both looked around in awe. Two suns, but not too hot—surprisingly, about 78 degrees and about mid-day. We decided to mark our way, so we’d know how to get back, and go exploring. We were in a forest that seemed very old. There were birds and rabbits and squirrels and other animals I’d never seen.

There was what I called a jackalope, a rabbit with antlers, and its feet were hoofed. There were many animals that we never seen before, but I got this sense that there was no fear of us. More curiosity than anything else. This was truly a land of enchantment.

We walked down this one trail, marking our way. There was green grass and shades of blue. We were walking down a path next to a creek, but the water in the creek was running, somehow, backwards!

All of a sudden, we heard something coming down the path, and it sounded big. We all hid, ‘cause we didn’t know what to expect. Sure enough, a pair of bigfoot creatures! They didn’t seem to see us, but I got the feeling they knew we were there. They didn’t talk, but I think they were talking to each other, and I knew what they were saying. It was in my head, like voices in my head. I thought they must be speaking telepathically, and I wasn’t afraid. I should have been, but I wasn’t.

When they passed, we all came out of hiding, and the first thing Ed said was, “Did you hear them speaking? It was in my head!” We all three looked at each other and said yeah.

That’s the way it was.

“Let’s keep going, okay?” I said. So down the path and around the corner, we see through the trees, and in this open area is a village. There was round shaped…I guess you’d call them huts, about 10 to 14 feet tall, varying in size from about 40 to 80 feet across. They appeared to be huts for the bigfoot people.

I figured we better go looking around some more. The whole time, I felt we were being watched, but left alone because we weren’t hurting anything. I started to think we should look for somewhere to rest for the night. It seemed the days there were longer. We arrived there about 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon, and it had been about 12 hours now, and it was just starting to get dark. Our time said it was 1:00 in the morning.

We found a spot back off the trail and inside a bunch of brush. We all three stayed in a 6-man cabin tent, figured it was better to stay close. We didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t make a fire, but ate dinner and settled down to go to sleep for the night. It was about 3:00 A.M., and finally completely dark.

We were all pretty tired and slept peacefully during the night. Other than a few odd sounds, it was mostly uneventful. When I woke in the morning, my wife had coffee from the propane stove and breakfast cooking. I heard Ed rustling around in his sleeping bag, and I looked at my watch, and it said it was 10 minutes after 11:00. My wife said when she was getting up it was just getting light—about an hour before. I guessed that daybreak was at about 10:00 A.M. This must have been the summertime there.

It was an amazing place, and I decided to call it Twin Phoenix because of the two suns. The plant life there grew in abundance. I know that on Earth everything is grown and harvested by humans, but on that planet, Twin Phoenix, the bigfoot creatures are the main people. There was no other sign of civilization, but many signs of different kinds of animals.

The foliage there reminded me of pictures I’d seen of prehistoric Earth. All the plant life was huge and wildlife was everywhere. There was an animal there that flies, I guess a gryphon. I never seen a real one, but this looked like pictures in books that I’d seen.

I’d tasted the water the day before, and it seemed fine. I didn’t get sick.

None of the bigfoot creatures had approached us, but I did get the sense they knew we were there, and we were not the first. Ed seemed really freaked out, really nervous and jittery all the time. Linda and I just seemed to go with the flow. The wonders of that world were amazing.

Since we’d been there, about eight days, there had been long days and short nights. Summer like weather, and it had rained only twice for about ten minutes. The animals there, believe it or not, were all Earth’s mythical creatures, or so I thought. The mythical creatures must have come from that world. The doorway must have been open to our world in our ancient times, letting creatures from this world come through. I think the bigfoot creatures must have closed the doorway a couple thousand years ago. Some would come through the passageway. Just enough to get into our history books. Also, I finally understood why there were no bones or even bigfoot bodies. They made sure that all remnants of any bodies were brought back through the passageway.

All I can say is, that was an amazing place. We’d been walking west towards the sunset for the eight days we’d been there. We’d been following the river since we’d been there, downstream. The fruit and fish were plentiful. It was a tropical area.

In all the time we’d been there, traveling, we’d never run across a mean animal. A little curious, but nothing dangerous. We seen other animals fishing and eating fish, and there was definitely enough to go around. The fruit was also real similar to ours and in great abundance. The nights, so far, were no colder than the mid-50s. I don’t recall who said, “You learn something new every day,” but how true! Especially in a world such as this.

I left camp and went down to the river one morning. When I looked up from drinking in the water, a bigfoot creature was there. He started talking to me, only he didn’t speak. I heard him in my head. It was odd, but he said we’d been watched us since we came to that land, and as long as we ate fish and fruit, everything was fine. He said no one harmed animals there. He said we could fish and eat fruit. I asked how he could talk by thinking the words, and he said they’d done it for centuries. The doorways to our world used to be open all the time, but humans killed animals, and so they closed the doors centuries ago.

He said, “In our world there are some humans, but we are the dominant species, like humans are on your world.” We talked for quite a while. I told him we would obey their rules while we were there, then thanked him and went back to camp.

I told my wife and friend what had happened and the rules of the land. We made a pact never to let anyone know of that world. Something was said by the bigfoot, he said his name was Ko-Roo, and I remember he said “doorways,” meaning there was more than one doorway. He said that, depending on what region we were in, the animals would be different. Most animals there were much more highly evolved than on Earth.

I’d seen unicorns, dodo birds, phoenix birds, gryphons, small gargoyles…and all the usual animals, such as bears, squirrels, deer, elk, birds, ducks, horses, etc. So many more. All I can say, that place was amazing. My wife is like me and wanted to explore as much as we could, but Ed was getting homesick. Understandable. We’d been gone for going on two weeks by then. We’d learned everything is such a short period of time! We’d been marking our way and following the river. Ed had decided to leave the next morning to go back home. He promised not to say anything of his adventures.

My wife and I made it an early night, and before we knew it, it was morning. We said goodbye to Ed and figured if he followed the river, he should be able to get back to the doorway in two weeks or less. Now it seemed to us that it was time to explore more. Halfway into the first day without Ed, the river forked off in three directions. Of the two smaller forks, one went north and one went south, and the third continued west. We’d been coming from the east, so we continued west. The further west we continued, the more trails we ran across. Finally, we came into a pretty big village.

It was mainly a bigfoot village. I introduced myself to one of them, and he said he knew who I was. Ko-Roo had told him. He said his name was Mar-Gun, leader of that village, and he said all bigfoot are mentally connected. He hadn’t really seen Ko-Roo, but they spoke mentally. He asked where the third one in our party was. I told him Ed went home. He could tell, mentally, that they had nothing to fear from us.

Mar-Gun welcomed us and invited us to stay in the village for a while. We were overwhelmed with the idea. They seemed to be such calm creatures, but also a take-charge kind of people. They told us they have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, and that they were a migratory species. They told us they will reveal themselves to humans, but for now we just keep killing each other.

They said their species eat fish and fruit and other vegetation, but they never harm each other. They have visited us, and have been called Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, and others, down through the years. In medieval times, they were called trolls, and down through the years, they tried to get along with humans, but all the humans would do is try to hunt and kill them. They still visited Earth sometimes, but not like they used to. They tried not to be seen anymore, and they closed most of the doorways. Only the hidden doorways had been left open. They said that they’d kept their world simple without the so-called improvements that humans have made. They also said that the Native Americans of our world used to worship them, and that they would talk to the tribes, but that now the days of old were long gone…

I guess I should tell you about Bigfoot. The Bigfoot species, at adult, have an average height of eight to ten feet, and they weigh 400 to 600 pounds. They have a slender build, but muscular, and are usually in very good health. They are also very smart, in fact telepathic. They are also very quiet, especially for their size. They have very large feet and hair covering their entire bodies, except for their faces and hands and the bottoms of their feet. They do not smell, but I’ve heard them make a noise, I guess a yell, to alert other Bigfoot, a deep, mournful sound—absolutely scary when heard alone in the woods.

They can blend in the background, like chameleons. Their hair is thick and dark. They wear no clothes, but all I saw in their world was tropical type weather.

They are as old as time. I believe they’ve always been visiting Earth. All the old and mystical creatures of our ancient past come from their world, and they are still there and alive. The unicorns, the phoenix, so far nothing seemed to be afraid of us. We’d seen other doors, but I wasn’t sure if the doors lead to other places on Earth or other planets.

There was another village ahead of us, and we decided to enter it and found other humans, to our surprise! Some of the villagers said they were born there, and some came from Earth. I asked, “If we could find a doorway, why hasn’t anyone ever said anything about this place before?”

The village leader looked at me and said, “Don’t you know?”

And I said, “Know what!?”

He said, “You can’t leave. That’s the number one rule.”

I said that he must be mistaken. Our friend, Ed, went home, and he asked if we actually saw Ed go home. I said no, but I’d talked to the Bigfoot people, and they promised no harm would come to him and he was free to go.

The village leader said, “You are free on this planet, but if you return to Earth, everyone would know that Bigfoot were real and of this planet, and there’s no killing here and humans kill. The Bigfoot only allow people with a kind heart to enter, but NO ONE LEAVES.”

So Ed never went home and the other doorways that are open don’t lead back to Earth. Now we had a quest. We still wanted to explore, but we needed to find Ed and find a way home.

I understand why that world was secret. They have too much to lose, but it was still a prison, and that changed things. We found a group going east and asked them if they seen Ed to tell him we were alive and doing well. It was pretty primitive there, no electricity, no cars, no progress, but it did seem ENCHANTED.


This world was wonderful, but scary at the same time. We weren’t leaving much behind, but the decision on whether or not to stay didn’t seem like it was someone else’s choice to make. There was a whole world to explore. I’d found from talking to the Bigfoot people that they could only hear what you wanted them to through telepathy. Basically, everything there was like at home, only milder weather, maybe more tropical, but the forest looked like the Pacific Northwest on Earth, for the most part.

I’d seen a phoenix, a unicorn, and there were lots of creatures there that I didn’t know the names for, but most used to be on Earth or in the legends of Earth or were extinct but still thrive there. I’d seen a winged animal cat, like I’d seen small dragons, birds that couldn’t fly, but none feared us and seemed to have no anger toward us, either.

My wife and I both agreed, though, no matter how beautiful, it was still a prison. We’d figured out that the people there had the most knowledge and, possibly, knew a way for us to get home. We were still following the river and going west. The landscape had been changing the last few days, becoming more desert-like. Another thing I noticed since we’d been there, we hadn’t been sick—not even a sniffle.

There was a village coming up in the night one night. We seen fires in the distance up around the bend. This village was different: no Bigfoot people. Every other village we went to before had a Bigfoot as the village leader, but this village leader was HUMAN. We told the leader we were new to that world, and he asked us about our home and what year it was. I told him 2025, and asked him how long he had been there. He told me when he left Earth the year was 1901. He looked to be about 50 years old. He said he came to this land when he was 48, and he was now 124!

He said you don’t age there like you do on Earth. His name was Bill Johnson, and he said he would help any way that he could. He said that he’d had a good life there, but he was still a prisoner. “There’s some that adapt and some don’t. Everyone who lives in this village believes we should have the right to go home,” but he said not to talk about it in front of the Bigfoot people. He also said that the Bigfoot people don’t like the desert heat.

So we found out one thing, they don’t like the heat. We decided to stay there for awhile and see what we could learn. Some visitors from the east got there just before we did and said they seen a man they described who sounded just like Ed, and said he was okay and staying in a village called the Highlands Village near a mountain top. The village we were in was called Johnsonville after Bill Johnson, the leader of the village. Linda and I had been learning a lot, learning about the Bigfoot people.

We told Bill, leader of the village we’d been staying in, that we would like to go home, and of course he said he’s been there about 100 years and has learned a lot about the land—and the number one rule is NO ONE LEAVES.

About then, Bill took me to the side and says, “Can I trust you? And how bad do you want to go back to Earth?”

I believe a man is only as good as his word, and if he don’t have that, he has nothing. And Earth is my home, no matter what, and I tell him so. Well, Bill begins to tell me a story. He says, a long time ago when he first arrived here through one of the forgotten doorways, he was told a story about a doorway that, once a week, it appears in, and stays in, a different area of the world. ONLY for a week, and then moves again. There’s an old man who lives in a cave on the other side of the desert where a mountain starts and the desert ends. There’s a hidden cave in the side of the mountain. That old man knows when and where the doorway will appear. He told me not to let the Bigfoot people find out what I was doing or they wouldn’t let me leave.

Bill proceeded to tell me that you need the Key to the forbidden doorway, and he pulled a gold key out of his pocket and handed it to me. He told me he got the Key to try and escape, but he’s been here so long that he wouldn’t know how to cope on Earth anymore. He said, “You must take the Key, get your friend, and find out when and where the doorway will appear. You will need one other thing. The Compass will only show you where the doorway is, and it’s said that the old man in the cave can tell you how to find the Compass. But remember, above all, tell no one of your plan, if you want to succeed.”

I asked he why me—why would he trust me? He said it’s too late for him. He’d grown accustomed to being there, and I hadn’t been there long. He told me, “Never lose sight of your dreams!”

We talked more. I told him of the progress Earth had achieved in the last 100 years, from automobiles to landing on the moon, from computers to two world wars… There was also a Sexual Revolution, and so many more improvements. We talked for hours and into the night. He said to watch out for the forbidden areas of the planet where the Bigfoot won’t go. There are spots on that planet with too much heat for the Bigfoot, and humans are dominant there, and said I should be careful exploring those places.

Linda and I decided to leave in the morning, find Ed, and find the forbidden doorway. We’d been in that world for about six months, and we’d been told by Bill that there were no seasons, just different areas with different climates. When it rains in that area it’s short showers, then the sun comes right back out and dries everything again.

That day, I saw a very large bird, 20 feet across. I was told that the bird was a Thunderbird, big and black, that stood about six feet tall on the ground. Those types of birds usually live beyond the desert zone.

Bill told me things that I was never supposed to repeat, especially around the Bigfeet, or even think them! He said, “Bigfoot people can tell what other Bigfoot people are thinking, but it’s harder for them to read humans, and practically impossible if you try to block them.” Bill also said the Bigfoot people have their own language beyond their telepathy, but with all the humans on their planet, they learned English, and that became the standard language on the planet, like a lot of places on Earth.

He also said it’s good to get in good with a Bigfoot that you trust. He says there’s good Bigfoot people and bad, and to just be careful. Bill also told me of the one great city of the Bigfoot people. It’s a place they hold sacred, and it’s told that the beginning of the Bigfoot people was there. The secrets of the Bigfoot people are hidden there.

Humans don’t live in Bigfoot City, and the only place the Bigfoot people won’t live is somewhere where it’s too hot, like the desert.

Bigfoot City is the Lost City. It’s said that before the Bigfoot people there was a race that occupied this world, then something happened to them, and the Bigfoot people claimed this world. There are secrets in the city that the Bigfoot people hide from humans. The Bigfoot City is over a million strong. There are some smaller settlements around Bigfoot City occupied by humans.

Bill also told me that there are many keys that will only fit a single doorway, but the key he gave me was the Golden Key, and only two are known to exist. They will open any door. There’s doors that take you from one side of the planet to another, from this planet to Earth, and different areas of other planets, but I don’t know how many other planets.

The next morning, we headed back east looking for the village called The Highlands, the last place the Ed was known to be. I figured at our present pace we could reach the Highlands village in about six weeks, but maybe he would be coming our way.

We’d been on the road a week and a half, and ever since we left we’d had a feeling we were being followed. If we were being followed, I was pretty sure it was a Bigfoot because we couldn’t see anything. It must have been camouflaging itself.

In the Bigfoot people, the men are dominant and the females are pretty passive, a little smaller, but they would still tower over me, and I’m six feet tall.

I was starting to think that I would never get over the twin suns of that planet. Every time I looked up, it brought me back to the reality that I was not in Kansas anymore—not that Washington state is Kansas or anything like that.

So we’d been on the road two and a half weeks, and nothing significant happened, but we still couldn’t shake the feeling we were being followed.

We decided to veer north a little, though still going mostly east, but we’d heard of a little town off the beaten path, a human town, and maybe if we were being followed, we thought, we could figure out by whom. After about four weeks since leaving Bill’s village of Johnsonville, we reached the edge of the town. The name of the town was Griphon, and the people there were pretty standoffish. We went to talk to the Elders of the town, and one pulled me off to the side and said, “I see you have a Bigfoot following you,” and he said he could help.

I said I knew someone was following, but didn’t know why. He said it was because we were new there and the Bigfoot didn’t know how to read us and were concerned. He said it was normal for them to follow new people. I said it was pretty intimidating, especially as big as they are.

We asked about the Highlands town and Ed. They told me that Highlands town was about two weeks away, and the last they heard he was still there, a stranger named “Ed.” We decided to stay in Griphon for a while and hoped the Bigfoot would get tired of waiting. After about three days, he did. We stayed another couple of days, just to make sure.

Linda and I thought Ed must have met a woman, or he probably wouldn’t still be at the village. Either that, or he was in trouble. After about six days, we were back on the road again and heading for Highlands town.

There were so many animals in that world that they needed to be regulated. Some of the animals were domesticated, and most all the animals were pretty tame ‘cuz there was no threat, from or against. Most humans lived by water there and were farmers. The primary food there was grown, and a few people threw nets in the water for fish.

Highland Town, I believed, was just on the other side of the next mountain. We came around the corner, and at the top of the mountain, there it was! We came into town and were met by the Elders of the town, and we asked if they’d seen Ed. They said yes! And they said he was on the other side of town. They proceeded to show us around.

They were very friendly people. I could see why Ed stayed there. It was a pretty big town for a human residence in that world. One of the elders said, “Let me see if they’re here.” He knocked on the door, and sure enough Ed came out and greeted us.

I guess I never seen anyone so happy to see anyone before. “Hey, good to see you two!” The elders left, and sure enough, Ed had a girlfriend. Her name was Tracy. Seemed real nice. I asked if Linda and Tracy would make something to eat.

Really, I just wanted to talk to Ed alone. Told him sorry he couldn’t go home, but we need to talk. I told him, the Bigfoot people say we can’t leave. “Well, between you and me, I’ve got a plan!” I told him I met a man named Bill, and he told me a story and we might be able to go home, but it won’t be easy.

I started telling Ed about the doorways, and asked if he remembered about the Golden Key I have around my neck. He remembered. I told him it came from the Bigfoot world. Bill told me this world has a bunch of keys, but it’s said there are only two Golden Keys. One was around my neck, and Bill gave me the other one. No one knows I have both, but it’s said that the Golden Keys will unlock any doorway, and might even allow us to go home, because there’s one thing that most people and the Bigfoot don’t know—there’s a magic doorway!

The magic doorway only appears in certain spots on this planet and at certain times, but needs a Golden Key to open it, and then the magic doorway will take you where you want to go.

But, of course, there’s a catch! There’s an old man who lives in a cave on the other side of the desert where a mountain starts and the desert ends. There’s a hidden cave in the side of the mountain. The old man knows when and where the door will appear. Bill said not to let the Bigfoot people find out. He said we would need one other thing, a compass. The compass will show us where the door will be. Bill said the old man in the cave can tell us where and how to find the compass. But above all, never let the Bigfoot people know anything!

We stayed a couple days, and we were all going to leave and look for the compass and the old man. Ed and his new-found friend, Tracy, were pretty chummy, and we asked her if she wanted to come with us. She said she did. She said she’d been there all her life.

Ed and I decided not to tell her our plans right away, just that we wanted to explore the planet more and that she would make the perfect guide. So we headed out of the village: myself, Linda, Ed and Tracy. (By the way, my name is Randy.) I told Tracy we would like to go to the high desert mountains to the human village of Oasis. I was told by Bill that the old man in the cave lived near there, or so Bill had heard. Tracy said it was a long journey away. She said she’d never been there but that she thought she knew how to get there.

So we were off to Oasis village in the high desert. Tracy said it was at least 3 or 4 weeks away.

Tracy and Ed were pretty close, but Ed said there was something about her. Maybe it was just that she was born there, or maybe something different. She was a bit secretive, like maybe she was hiding something.

Well, we were off. Tracy said we should first head to the Great Falls of To-Wonga. The Great Falls are the only place that an ancient statue still stands from the ancient people who lived there before the Bigfoot. This is the only remnant of the ancients left on this world that shows what they looked like, and Tracy said that at the Falls the water glows even at night!

I was real curious to see the statue of the ancient beings and to see what they looked like. We headed southeast through the Forest of Weer. They say the Forest of Weer’s trees are the oldest on that planet. The trees are blue, they say. When the planet was young there was less oxygen in the atmosphere and the trees grew blue, and some of the trees were thousands of years old. They say the largest one is 980 feet tall and over 30 feet around.

The Forest of Weer is the biggest forest. It’s said it’s a hundred million acres. We were only going through one edge of the forest, about 20 miles across. Amazing! Blue trees! Looking up and seeing as far as you can see, to the tops of the trees! There was thick brush and a small trail heading through the forest. It took three days to pass through the edge of the Forest of Weer.

While going through deep in the forest, we seen the blue jackalopes, the only place the jackalopes are blue, from eating plant life in the Forest of Weer. I was told by Tracy that it’s good luck to see blue jackalopes because they’re rare. After leaving the Forest of Weer, the trees became less dense and were back to green and normal foliage.

I noticed that the further southeast we went, the dryer the air became. There were also less trees, and the foliage was changing, becoming more desert like. There were also less Bigfoot people. It was odd not seeing Bigfoot people after seeing them all the time.

It had been a week since we’d run across any water. It was a good thing we had plenty of water with us.

A week and a half since we left the Forest of Weer, and we had three or four days more before we reached the Falls of To-Wonga. One more day passed, and we reached the River of To-Wonga. It seemed a flock of gryphons lived near the rocks next to the To-Wonga River. Tracy said it was two more days until we reached the falls.

Now that we were at the river, we stocked up on water and fish. I was amazed that the gryphons were friendly. They are legendary creatures with the head, talons, and wings of an eagle, and the body of a lion.

One more day passed uneventfully. We got up bright and early the next morning, so we could get to the falls. Finally, around noon, we showed up at To-Wonga Falls. To my astonishment, the ancients were humans. People who looked just like us were the first that ruled this planet!

The writings on the stone statue explained all: the humans left that planet and went through the doorways long ago. They left the planet so the animals would prosper and left the Bigfoot people in charge to protect them. It’s kind of funny—it went full circle. The true secret of that world is that the ancients knew. Humans would kill all the animals, and to preserve the planet, they all left.

Then we forgot that world.

They left the marker at To-Wonga Falls so anyone looking could find out, but it would take a long journey to find out. On one hand, I felt ashamed, and on the other I wondered how we lost our intelligence—and how many other planets did we go to through all the different doorways?

Knowing all of this changed how we looked at the world. We were all a bit more humble, but we still had a mission, and the next day we would be leaving To-Wonga Falls to go to Oasis village in the high desert.

The water from To-Wonga Falls seemed magical. It seemed to give all in our party new energy. I’m thinking the water has something to do with the anti-aging of that world, and To-Wonga Falls was the headway. That’s why the water glows there.

That planet has the Fountain of Youth. Only it doesn’t keep you a child, but it does keep you from growing old.

After drinking the water at To-Wonga Falls, we all emptied our water containers and filled them up again at the falls. We all felt better than we had in years. It had only been a day, but I already had more of a spring in my step.

So we were off to Oasis Village, the high desert village. We hadn’t seen any Bigfoot people in two days. The average days were 80 to 85 degrees, and sunrise was at 5:00 A.M., Twin Phoenix time. Sunset was about 10:00 P.M. The closer we got to the high mountain desert, the longer the days seemed to be.

What I wouldn’t have given for some kind of transportation other than walking, but as long as we had To-Wonga River water, we all had more energy.

We eventually ran across some humans heading west, and they said we were two days away from Oasis Village. One man pulled me aside and said, “Why are you with that Bigfoot lover?” And I asked him what he meant. He told me Tracy was a spy for the Bigfoot people and to watch out. She had gotten someone he knew into trouble.

She had told a Bigfoot about his friend, and from then on, that friend had to live in Bigfoot City and was watched constantly. I thanked him and told him I wouldn’t mention his name. And then I told Ed that Tracy couldn’t be trusted.

He got mad but understood, and he said, “I knew she had a secret. I just didn’t know what.”

I told him that we needed to talk to her. “Tracy, come here,” I said, “We need to talk. I was told that you’re a traitor to your own kind.”

She said, “Now that I know the real truth about what we discovered at To-Wonga Falls, and the Bigfoot people said they were the Ancients… Now I know that’s not true. I know I’ll have to earn your respect and trust in me. I will try by best.”

“Why did you tell on your own kind?” I asked.

“I was told that those humans were eating animals and trying to kill the Bigfoot.”

I told her I understood, and I asked if she was told to spy on us. She said, “Yes, but after getting to know you all, I wouldn’t. I consider you family and know you wouldn’t harm anyone.”

Oasis Village was just over the next rise. It was an all human village in the high desert. As we walked into the village, we noticed that is was huge and had a lake in the center of town with an inlet and outlet streams. The water in the lake glowed just like To-Wonga.

But we were still on a mission, and we talked to the elders, and that night we had a fish fry. The elders told me there were caves to the west, and they had heard there might be someone living there, but they weren’t sure if it was who we were seeking or not.

The next morning, I told everyone to stay there and stock up on supplies. I was going to the caves and would be back in 3 or 4 days. It was most of a good day’s walk to the caves, and I proceeded to look through the caves, but didn’t find any sign of anyone living there.

Well, two days had gone by, and I decided that, on the third day, I would head back to Oasis Town. I went to sleep that night, and about an hour before daylight, I was awakened by a sound. Someone was standing over me and screaming, “What are you doing in my cave! GET OUT! Don’t come back!”

I was half asleep, and I said, “Bill Johnson sent me.”

The man stopped screaming and said, “Do you know Bill?”

I said, “Yes, I do. Bill told me to find you.” I asked his name. Bill told me his name was Kermit the Hermit, and if he didn’t say Kermit, if he answered with anything else, he wasn’t who I was looking for.

He said, “George.”

“My friend Bill says, if you say anything but this specific name, you’re not who I’m looking for,” I said and turned to leave.

And he said, “Wait a minute. Bill taught you well. I’m Kermit the Hermit.”

“Wow! I’ve been looking for you for at least 6 months. I’m looking for the Golden Compass.”

In reply, Kermit said, “Show me the Golden Key.” From a cord around my neck, I pull the Golden Key out of my shirt. Kermit said, “I didn’t know it actually existed. Now the Golden Compass… Well, it’s like this. I couldn’t keep it on me, from fear of the Bigfoot, so I hid it in a dark place deep in the caves.”

I said, “Do you know about the Ancients at To-Wonga Falls?”

Kermit said, “Yes, we all do around here. Oasis Town and the surrounding area. Some of the people near Bigfoot City even know there, but they can’t talk about it. They’re afraid of the Bigfoot people.

I said that wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

“Well, let’s go in the cave and get the compass,” I said. We started walking.

After a while, Kermit said, “I have to warn you, I have a friend in the caves.”

I thought, “How bad could that be?” and as I turned a corner in the cave it opened up into a great big, giant room, and in the corner of the room was a Bigfoot sitting in a dimly lit area. I looked at Kermit and said, “What the…?”

And Kermit said, “Relax, it’s not what you think. This is…well, I call him Ralph, but his real name is Rafe-Gun, but you can call him Ralph. He’s actually the King of all Bigfoot, or he’s supposed to be, but there are too many Bigfoot that wanted to rule everyone instead of the way it’s supposed to be. If Ralph could become King again, like he’s suppose to, the Bigfoot people would be the protectors, not the rulers.”

“Hey Kermit,” I said, “about the—ya know…”

“It’s okay. Ralph knows, too,” Kermit says to Ralph, “He’s come for the Golden Compass.”

Ralph had it camouflaged, but he handed it to me. Ralph looked at me and said in my head, “I need help to get control of my people again.”

I looked at Kermit and asked, “Is he serious?”

And Kermit said, “Yes, and I trust him completely.”

“Okay,” I said, “with the Golden Key and the compass, we can make you King again. We need to go back to Oasis Town, so I can get back to the ones I came with and talk to the elders about Ralph.”

We all headed back to Oasis Town, and my wife and Ed and Tracy were all there getting ready to come look for me because I was five days late coming back from the caves. I greeted them and talked to the Elders, and they were surprised to see a Bigfoot in the high desert. It wasn’t that the Bigfoot couldn’t be in the desert, but they preferred not to be. We talked to the Elders and asked them, “Have you heard of the Golden Key and Golden Compass?”

They said, “Yeah, we’ve heard of them, but aren’t they just myths?” The Elders say they were lost centuries ago. “It’s said that the person that reunites the Golden Compass and the Golden Key will rule this planet for all time.”

I said, “I’ve got them both, though I don’t want to rule this world, but I don’t want to be ruled, either. King Ralph wants to be the Protector, like the Ancients said. They put the Bigfoot people here to protect all, NOT RULE.”

I pulled the Golden Compass out of my bag and the Golden Key out from under my shirt. The Elders looked with amazement and said, “We will follow you.”

I said, “I don’t want to change the world, like I said. No one wants to be ruled. We have to make a plan for how to overcome the Bigfoot people and put King Ralph back in power. With the Key we can open any door, and the Golden Compass can tell us where the special doors are. We need to unite humans and Bigfoot alike. The plan is to go to different doorways in this world and get all the people together and to back King Ralph.”

“In secret,” I continued, “we have to go to every town and convince everyone to help us overthrow Bigfoot City without raising a hand.”

The word spread quickly throughout Oasis Village.

“All who want to be free, follow us!” And with the Key and Compass, we struck out to gather people from all the doors to unite to overwhelm and take over Bigfoot City. The Elders helped to unite the people from every door.

Months went by, but finally everyone was ready. King Ralph, the Bigfoot King, said we needed a human to rule alongside of him to unite human and Bigfoot alike. “We need to look long and hard, and find a human who wants equality and not just to rule the Bigfoot.”

After searching many doorways, we heard of a human who lived with other humans but treated the Bigfoot with respect. His name was Jay, and he lived beyond the desert in a village called Bluetrees. A long journey beyond the desert to Bluetrees took another week, and we talked to Jay, explaining the situation. He said he would be glad to unite humans and Bigfoot alike. Jay was glad to try to change this world.

We went back to Oasis Village to gather all and storm Bigfoot City. We all stormed the city, and with all our numbers, we took over Bigfoot City!

Jay and Ralph began the new administration and vowed to work together for a new and fair world.

—Randy Long

[There it is! Peace reigns in the Bigfoot World! Did Randy and his pals ever make it home? Maybe we’ll find out in the SEQUEL! AND you can now get this great story in paperback ($5.99) or digital ($2.99) formats!! AND AND—don’t forget that Randy Long has another BOOK available full of Pacific Northwest folk tales, camping and fishing adventures, UFOs, humor, and (of course) KILLER SQUIRRELS!!! Thanks for stopping by! —RFY]

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P.S. – Here is the very FIRST story about Bigfoot that Randy Long wrote for the P.E.W., back in January of 2014:

“Bigfoot Aliens” by Randy Long

In the Pacific Northwest, for years and years, there have been sightings of a creature known as Bigfoot. Deep in the forest, when no one is around, the Bigfoot creature roams the woods.

People have seen the Bigfoot creature when alone or with another, but never in a crowd of people. My personal opinion is that Bigfoot creatures are from U.F.O.s.

You never find bones, skeletons or bodies or any other remains or D.N.A. But just like the sightings of Bigfoot, there’ve been just as many sightings of U.F.O.s in the Pacific Northwest. Never do you see who mans the flying saucers. Similarly, you don’t find remnants of U.F.O.s, either, no crash victims and no Bigfoot bodies.

Bigfoot appears and disappears in the forest with no trace that he’s ever been there. So do the U.F.O.s. You see U.F.O.s show up in the sky with no warning, just like Bigfoot. There’s no windows in a U.F.O., but still there’s sightings of both from as long as anyone can remember.

There’s been U.F.O. sightings on the walls of ancient man, and Bigfoot has been reported just as long. American Indians have pictures and writing of ancient flying objects and stories of Bigfoot creatures, but as far as I know, no one has linked the two together. Until now. Think about it. It’s only logical.

The Bigfoot creatures are aliens visiting our world.