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“The Critic” by Richard F. Yates

—Richard F. Yates

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“Promotion” (RMFM 03) by Richard F. Yates

Philip’s fingers tapped a hypnotic rhythm on the back of the cereal box. Within an hour, his girlfriend, a blank expression on her face, had set a full grown badger (with a toothache) loose in his rival’s apartment. The next … Continue reading

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“The Art Business” by Richard F. Yates

Don’t go into art to try to make a quick buck. (Try armed robbery, if that’s what you’re looking for. Or politics—but I repeat myself.) Go into art because you want to make the world a more interesting place to … Continue reading

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“Big Business Bosses” by Richard F. Yates (and Mark Counts AND Richard O’Brien)

—Richard F. Yates […the scariest one yet!!! —Mark Counts] [Yep. I’m not afraid to take on the BIG monsters!!! —Richard F. Yates] [I am tired of people (like you) portraying corporate bosses as being insensitive and only after money. Their … Continue reading

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“Lament” by Richard F. Yates

As an artist, I hate to have to think about money. It shouldn’t have anything to do with creating, with making stuff, but I live in a society in which art and writing and imagination are considered pointless, unless you … Continue reading

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“Primitivity Unlimited” by Richard F. Yates

Here at the Workshop, we strive for PUNK grade quality and rapid production! Filling the world with monsters and monstrous concepts, our destiny is—well, frankly, we are destined to be forgotten, BUT UNTIL THEN we want to make people laugh … Continue reading

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