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“The Gospel according to Yolkoltak the Pretnetious” as Transcribed by Josh Erdahl

(The following is a recently discovered un-edited version of one of the most holy sections of the DIM holy book. Much controversy has stemmed from this text, and many conclude because it was discovered in an email in a DOCx … Continue reading

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Chapter Two – The Book of “Progress”

1.      The origin of Snake is of great importance. 2.      In the beginning, Snake was hardly recognizable: he was bipedal, clothed in the finest linens, and was extremely successful in the business of dinosaur extinction. 3.  … Continue reading

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“St. Nonsensicus Day!” by Richard F. Yates

I declare today St. Nonsensicus Day! To pay homage to the saint of nonsensicalness and bizarrity, you should think weird thoughts, say weird things, and act like a complete nut-job all day and BASK in Nonsensicus’s cleansing strangeness. Reject seriocity!!!!! … Continue reading

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“Revelation” by Richard F. Yates

Revelation burned by eyes and crimped my hair but left my fingernails alone —Richard F. Yates

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“All in the Family (Only Not Really at All)” by Richard F. Yates

As I write this, the Primitive Entertainment Workshop has 1,745 posts available for perusal by the average citizen with internet access and a bit of time to kill. (That number will become 1,746 as soon as I hit the “Publish” … Continue reading

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“Cryptic Symbol” by Richard F. Yates

The symbol below has begun appearing in graffiti and works of street art throughout the city of Henpeck. Researches from H.U. are baffled, though one fringe theorist, Dr. Oscar Ragwurt, has suggested that the images belong to an obscure cult … Continue reading

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“Stanist Propaganda” by Brother Yates

Upon arriving at work today, I discovered this filth, this—Stanist Propaganda! For those of you who are unware of Stanism, it is a wicked new “faith” based on a typo, which has taken hold of a particularly gullible group of … Continue reading

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“Non-Conversation (Electronic Transmission)” by Sugarpop Thrombly (and Richard O’Brien)

The following transcript was intercepted (using entirely legal means), which shows a possible insidious conspiracy between two secret agents! Several of the phrases recorded below are obviously code words (“puney,” “iz,” and “ALMOST” in all caps are obviously key terms), … Continue reading

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“Heinrich Hippohurdler, Dead at 91” by Charlie Centipede

Today we look at the life of poet/novelist Heinrich Hippohurdler, who passed away last week at the tragically young age of 91 when his parachute was punctured by a passing flock of North-American Needle Nose Devil Tits, which led to … Continue reading

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“Keep the ‘Christ'” by Richard O’Brien

[This piece is a response to my “Christmas Truck” post from about a week ago! —RFY] And this is the original ink rendition of this work: —Richard O’Brien

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