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“Purple Crown (Ail, Ail, and Wail)” by Richard F. Yates

—Richard F. Yates

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“Now Long Scientists” by Richard F. Yates

In relocating the Primitive Bunker, we uncovered an unsent postal art piece from back in “The Day” (an imaginary time at best) when I would make little collages out of the cardboard envelopes that came with stickers that kids would … Continue reading

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“Untitled (Not Smiley Guy)” by Elise C. Yates

—Elise C. Yates

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“Untitled (Submarine)” by Mark Counts

—Mark Counts [With a yo ho! yo ho! (or whatever they say on submarines), Mark Counts develops another new remix, this time adding some much needed (pop)culture to Yates’s submarine bit! —Yates]

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“Yates Motel” by Mark Counts

—Mark Counts [Ed. Note: In this classic image/collage/modification, Mr. Counts remediates the Yates’ drawing, “Vacancy,” into a Hitchcockian nightmare. A fab mod!]

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