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“A Place” by Richard F. Yates

I would like, as a work of art or a performance or an environment, to open a CLUB or PUB or LODGE—some form of public gathering site, in which every aspect: lighting, music, chairs, tables, the smell of the air, … Continue reading

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“The Sound of Silence” by Richard O’Brien

[This bit was sent to me by longtime collaborator and friend Richard O. I’m a day or two late posting it (because I’m a lazy ass) so the “Yesterday” referred to in the first line is actually from a couple … Continue reading

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“Join the Spiral” by Josh Erdahl

Welcome! Friends, foes, et al. to the Solipsism Movement!!! Look around! Seek the Circle! We’re ALL Going Down! When words get you angy, when Army seems absurd, when there’s no pillar in your catepillar JOIN THE SPIRAL! All hail Solipsism! … Continue reading

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“Serious Study of a Silly Subject” by Richard F. Yates (and allthoughtswork)

—Richard F. Yates [Bored, Gary licked the subzero embryo storage unit in the biology department basement of the University of Wisconsin. He’s still there. —allthoughtswork]

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“The Little Boy Said” by Richard F. Yates (and Michael King)

I abstain from baseball cards—for health reasons… —Richard F. Yates [The “Jack Handy” for the new Millennium. smile emoticon —Michael King]

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“Resolute” by Aquarius T. Middleston (and Richard O’Brien)

Today there WILL be dishes to do. Oh yes—there will… —Aquarius T. Middleston [Factoid: You never have to do dishes if you assert your Greek family tradition of destroying every plate after a meal! —Richard O’Brien]

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“Furry Sacrilege” by Charlie Centipede (and Richard O’Brien)

I’ve been touched by the paw of God! —Charlie Centipede [Charlie, can you show me exactly where God touched you? This is not your fault, but we need help in making this bad Man go away. —Richard O’Brien]

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