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“Life After 30” by Scott Sparks

[Here’s an interesting thing: a post on The Primitive Entertainment Workshop that doesn’t have any monsters or ghosts or aliens or time travel or weirdness of any kind in it. One might even wonder, “What is this piece doing here?” … Continue reading

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“Confusion of Transitional Scenarios” by Joseph Madamba

[Joseph Madamba is back! You remember Joseph, right? He gave us the incredibly popular “Hippopotamus Will Rampage” story back in April, which is a real crack-up! This time, Mr. Madamba has contributed a classic “academic essay,” which showcases exactly why … Continue reading

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“Thankfulness” by Scott Sparks

Being foolish is an inherent inability. Some of my worst mistakes were fostered within good intentions. On the same token, I’ve haphazardly made room for greatness amidst the course of looking over my shoulder while involving myself in deeds better … Continue reading

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“Why Do They Call It an ‘Army’?” by Josh Erdahl

Why do they call it an “Army”? The soldiers are not composed entirely of arms. So what is it? Hunh? People, I tell you. It’s a conspiracy. Language used to convince us of the benignity of things like “doughnuts” and … Continue reading

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