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“How to Spot Fake News” by Charlie Centipede

In our modern age of constant bombardment by media and news, it is important to be able to spot fake news and stop it in its tracks! Here is a handy “how-to” for spotting fake news: 1. Does the story … Continue reading

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“State of the Workshop Address – January 2017” by Richard F. Yates

Well, now that we live in a Terry Gilliam-esque dystopia, I just wanted to ensure the world that The Primitive Entertainment Workshop WILL continue to report on all the monsters, ghosts, aliens, arts, jailhouse poetry, and cosmic weirdness happening in … Continue reading

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“Horrible News Story!” by Hunny Pickler

Crazed landlord eats child’s imaginary friend! (Story at 11:00!) —Hunny Pickler

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“The TRUE Cause of Global Warming” by Scoops McBulletpoint

A new study from Henpeck University suggests that the dramatic increase in global temperature may actually be caused by the over-saturation of REALITY TELEVISION PROGRAMMING that has occurred over the last few decades. Dr. Wrenchbody, one of six authors of … Continue reading

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“Snake Falls Off the Wagon and Makes the Papers, Again” by Richard F. Yates (and Michael King)

—Richard F. Yates [That’s why they make the handrails….So you don’t fall off….But Snake doesn’t have hands. Nevermind. Hey, what was doing on a wagon in the first place? —Michael King] [Next, on “Mysteries of the Unexplained!” —Richard F. Yates]

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“UPDATE! New Bands Confirm for The Electric Sheppard’s Pie Music Fest!” by Richard O’Brien & Richard F. Yates

More bands which have RSVPed for the event: -Facebook Genocide -Threat Level: Mayonnaise -The Impossible Turtlenecks -The Marshmallow Peep Coalition (Death metal) -Wolverine Circumcision -Skleeck! (feat. Khlort!) -Jolly Keynote and the Rusty Razorblade Appendectomists -Cloak and Dabney -Syringe Synergy (Christian … Continue reading

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“Giant Blue Monster Attacks Downtown Henpeck!” by Charlie Centipede

—Charlie Centipede

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“There were Four of Them, Officer (And I Think I Love Them All…)” by Richard F. Yates

1. The vital instinct. Hardly any leaves left (which means they stayed…) Partly to blame for the event were the sickening lights that blindeded ed the on-lookers (and look-onners, though there were fewer of those.) That night the fog… “What … Continue reading

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“BREAKING NEWS: Mom in Washington State Calls Cat a Dirty Word!” by Richard F. Yates

Reports are coming in this morning from several reliable sources that a working mom in Washington State called her cat an “ass wipe,” when the zealous feline repeatedly leaped onto a kitchen counter in pursuit of a buzzing fly. As … Continue reading

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“Snake Don’t Wear No Dresses!” by Richard O’Brien & Richard F. Yates

From the Law Offices of LEFTY, SMASH, AND FIST Letter to the Press 3/1/15 Attention: News Media Guys It has come to our attentions that there has been a pitiful attempt to smear the goodly name of Snake, our esteemed … Continue reading

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