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“Smeggy Jones (Fortune Teller)” by Richard F. Yates

Although most fortunes go something like this, “The stars say, ‘I’m going to eat you.’” He’s known for being rather accurate in his predictions. —Richard F. Yates

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“Confused Fortune Cookie” by Richard F. Yates

Unless someone’s bringing a bunch of soil samples from around the world to Washington State, I’m afraid this fortune cookie is sadly mistaken… —Richard F. Yates

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“The Letter ‘K'” by Psychic Xandra (and Michael King AND Richard O’Brien)

The signs say to beware the letter “K” today! —Psychic Xandra [Michael, maybe you can go by Quing until the day’s over?!?! —Richard F. Yates] [Miqe Quing? I could do that. —Michael King] [‘S’quing’? You are all over the place —Richard … Continue reading

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