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“What is the B.O.S.H.???” by Richard F. Yates

Walked to the store to get some soda pop and jerky, and when I returned to Primitive Headquarters, I found this note jammed into the door-seal. (How did the writer of the note know where the Primitive Entertainment Workshop was … Continue reading

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“La La La La” by Richard F. Yates

Here is my new hit single, “La La La La” which I’m sure everyone will be humming for months! La La La La (click on link for fun song!) —Richard F. Yates

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“Yates by Yates” by Mariah Yates (& Charlie Centipede AND Richard O’Brien AAAND Tisha Abrahamsen)

This is a very recent image of the lunatic who runs this show. We, as a collective here at the Workshop, try to keep his insanity in check, but as is clear from this image, he is far, FAR beyond … Continue reading

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“Three Eyed Devil” by Richard F. Yates

Under cover of rocks and trees, we slunked into the woods, trying our ding dang darndest to surprise the unsuspecting lake. Lakes, however, are notoriously prescient, and we really had no chance of catching this particular body of water unawares. … Continue reading

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“The Anti-Human Brigade!” by Charlie Centipede

On the drive to work today, I decided that I would make up some slogans for an organization I’m tempted to start (essentially an Evil, Super-Villain group dedicated to the eradication of humanity) called The Anti-Human Brigade. The slogans that … Continue reading

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“Self Portrait (One Eyed Devil)” by Richard F. Yates

—Richard F. Yates

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“Hungry Rhizomes” by Richard F. Yates

                                                        When the organism is both colony and consciousness, it begins to create … Continue reading

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