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“Primitive Entertainment Support Team! (Be a P.E.S.T.!)” by Richard F. Yates [If you don’t like long-winded discourse or weepy nostalgia, feel free to skip straight to the sections called “The ISSUE” and “The SOLUTION” for the meat of the matter… —RFY] Mission Statement: The Primitive Entertainment Workshop is a dedicated … Continue reading

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“Once Upon a Time in Henpeck” by Richard F. Yates

A long time ago (back in 2013), we put out a book, which contained the first 111 posts from The Primitive Entertainment Workshop. It’s a fancy book with full color pictures, and it costs a LOT, but it’s our book. … Continue reading

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“Jorge Luis Borges” by Richard F. Yates

—Richard F. Yates

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“Join the Spiral” by Josh Erdahl

Welcome! Friends, foes, et al. to the Solipsism Movement!!! Look around! Seek the Circle! We’re ALL Going Down! When words get you angy, when Army seems absurd, when there’s no pillar in your catepillar JOIN THE SPIRAL! All hail Solipsism! … Continue reading

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“FRAG DAY” by Richard F. Yates

The stained glass window of reality, once so full of stories, is shattered. The pieces make music as they fall to the stone floor of the cathedral—and we are blind, the only illumination we can perceive comes from the scattered … Continue reading

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“Analysis of ‘Total Freakin’ Nonsense Weekend'” by Richard F. Yates

Well, it’s officially over. Nonsense Weekend (which was originally “Nonsense Day”) is done. I never reached 13 bits of OFFICIAL nonsense, but that’s okay. I think I finished with nine and several drawings, which seems like an adequate nonsense production … Continue reading

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“Total Freakin’ Nonsense Weekend: Day Two!!!” by Richard F. Yates

GO!!!! —Richard F. Yates

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