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“Manifestation Manifesto” by Richard F. Yates (and Richard O’Brien—a bit, and against his will)

1 – [Fuzz Station U.F.O. Landing] (Static)…brrrzzzh…to bring you this terrifying announcement. This station has now received over a dozen calls from concerned citizens who are claiming that a U.F.O. has been cited in the hills to the north of … Continue reading

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“The New Nonsense – Primitive Manifesto #2” by Richard F. Yates

—1. Declaration of Primitivity I am a primitive. True, I use computers and cell phones and automobiles and electronic readers and electronic banking… You would probably have to call me a PLUGGED-IN primitive, but I’m primitive where it counts. I … Continue reading

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“The Primitive Manifesto!”

THE PRIMITIVE MANIFESTO (A Secret, Collage Operation Disguised as a Bundle of Warm Towels) 10 Mar. 2015 – 3 Apr. 2015 1—Judgment In the beginning was the sun, frowning down on all the shit I did—and I knew it wasn’t … Continue reading

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“Primitive Entertainment and YOU: What is Primitive Entertainment?” by Blah-Blah Billingsworth

Mental hygiene is an important issue in the modern age. A city dweller will be, constantly, bombarded by advertisements and slogans, music and voices from cars and phones and televisions, messages, threats, bills, pleas for help, propaganda, warnings, advice—bleeps and … Continue reading

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“W!Z!B!” by Mr. Smog Monster

On this day, 22 March 2013, after several meetings of the Secret Tribunal on Horseshittists’ Ethics, and in light of the murders of long time H.S. members, Grover Von Eyesocker, Jr., and H.S. founder, Dr. Augeas P. Houyhnhnm, the Horseshittists … Continue reading

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“Artists are Revolting: The 3rd Horseshittists’ Manifesto” by Richard F. Yates

Part One: Excommunications Dr. Augeas P. Houyhnhnm and the other members of the Secret Tribunal on Horseshittists’ Ethics, responding to the rogue posting of a 2nd Horseshittists’ Manifesto by recent inductee, Yichard Rates, have declared a state of emergency within … Continue reading

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“The 2nd Horseshittists’ Manifesto” by Yichard Rates

Forget everything I said before. Be good. Go to school, study hard, and get a good job. Go to church. Listen to your superiors. Leave art and creativity to the geniuses who are capable of doing them well, usually the … Continue reading

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