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“Scoops (A Flashback Experience!)” by Richard F. Yates

A few days ago, I received an oddly shaped package from a friend of mine, Joe Hamel. Joe now lives in Virginia, way on the other side of the country, but we used to live on the west coast, and … Continue reading

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“Do Not Swallow!” by Richard F. Yates

The Gum Game is over! I said in a previous post that I had written a list of 20 different types of gum (I cheated just a bit) and asked if anyone could think of more types of gum than … Continue reading

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“Baby, It’s a Wild World – Cabinet of Spooks and Freaks” by Richard F. Yates

For reasons even I don’t understand, I’ve created a new page devoted to stuff that I DIDN’T make myself: weird music videos, horror stories, strange humor, b-movies, that kind of stuff. If you like to branch out a bit, feel … Continue reading

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Guess what I’ve got!!! (No fair looking at the title…) THE COLLECTED WORKS OF RANDY LONG is now available in fancy, real world, paperback form! Thrill to mutant squirrels, unidentified flying objects, volcano attacks, and Bigfeet! All the travel narratives, … Continue reading

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“Crazy Flying Space Turtle” by Richard F. Yates

—Richard F. Yates

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“Romance” by yr

…beneath. —yr [I love the ones that even I don’t get. —yr]

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“Interview with Richard F. Yates” by Spork Ryyder

[This interview was originally published in the January 2014 issue of Spork Ryyder’s Poppengluup art journal. Thanks to Ryyder for permission to reprint the interview here!   —RY] Richard F. Yates is an American artist, writer, poet, and editor whose … Continue reading

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