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“Someday” by Charlie Centipede

Someday, it will have always been this way. —Charlie Centipede

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“Life is…” by Charlie Centipede

Life is a succession of Nothings.┬áSome are funnier than the others. (These are the ones that I like.) —Richard F. Yates

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“Resistance” by Charlie Centipede

Resistance isn’t futile. It’s ESSENTIAL. —Charlie Centipede

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“Theory” by Richard F. Yates

Working under the theory today that everyone else is real, and I’m just a dream… —Richard F. Yates

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“The New Nonsense – Primitive Manifesto #2” by Richard F. Yates

—1. Declaration of Primitivity I am a primitive. True, I use computers and cell phones and automobiles and electronic readers and electronic banking… You would probably have to call me a PLUGGED-IN primitive, but I’m primitive where it counts. I … Continue reading

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“Guilt Falls from the Sky” by Charlie Centipede

No matter how much you ask forgiveness, as long as you think you still HAVE to ask forgiveness, you’ll continue to feel guilty. Indifference is the key to happiness. —Charlie Centipede

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“Stop What You’re Doing!” by Richard F. Yates

All of you, right now. Stop what you’re doing, (it’s probably not that important anyway) and listen to me. You have to MAKE SOMETHING! A story, a poem, an essay, a picture, a quilt, a painting, a journal entry, a … Continue reading

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