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“Reading List 4” by Richard F. Yates

I am a firm believer in the concept that what you take in affects what you put out. (Awkward, but often true.) My output is primarily ghosts, monsters, and weird, sick humor. Where do I get my ideas? Here’s where. … Continue reading

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“The Night Eyes – A Micro Play” by Richard F. Yates

Characters— Harriet: a human female Porter: a human male Voices: mostly unseen The Beast: a non-human entity [The woods, night; a fire crackles while Harriet and Porter sit in folding chairs near a tent. Outside of the glow from the … Continue reading

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“The Primitive Entertainment Workshop – Volume Two!” Available Now!!!

That’s right friends and lovers, the second volume of Primitive works, including bits and bobs by Randy Long, Scott Sparks, Keenan Calhoun, Richard F. Yates (and an army of fictional characters) is now available for you to have for your … Continue reading

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“Munchie and Hoodoo” by Richard F. Yates

[Two female characters, MUNCHIE and HOODOO, sit on a park bench at night. The streetlamp above them flickers on occasion.] MUNCHIE – “…and then I killed all her children and ate them!” HOODOO – “Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s hilarious!” MUNCHIE … Continue reading

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“Car Seats (A Very, Very Short Play)” by Richard F. Yates

[SCENE: Curtain opens on TWO PEOPLE, one MALE, one FEMALE, sitting in bucket seats that look as though they’ve been removed from an automobile. There are four doors, two on either side of them and two behind. A bench seat … Continue reading

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