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“The Mystery of Stats” by Richard F. Yates

I may not be the world’s best mathematician (in fact I bailed out of anthropology as a major when I discovered I would need to take a statistics course—poetry was far less CONTROLLING,) but I can’t seem to figure out … Continue reading

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“Waiting for the Perfect Hairstyle” by Richard F. Yates

—Richard F. Yates

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“Once Upon a Sittin’ Around Day Looking at the Sun Shining Outside the Window” by Richard F. Yates

Once, there was a guy who felt like he was getting old. He’d already reached the age where people of his generation where dropping dead of things that mostly killed old people, and this made the guy think things. Things … Continue reading

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“Political Outcomes” by Richard O’Brien

I am officially converting to the Richard F. Yates Political Model of Nonsense. Giving politics and politicians the time and attention they deserve, I will now only respond to attempts to engage me in political conversations with equally nonsensical retorts. … Continue reading

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“Contributing to the Flow of Misinformation” by Richard F. Yates

I use a few different platforms to spread the Primitive love around, but one service that I use in particular (a platform involving random movement through concepts facilitated by clicking a button, but in which there is no real control … Continue reading

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“I am DIM” by Richard O’Brien

I am one of the esteemed members of The Church of DIM — it’s true, you can ask the leader and he will verify that I’m integral if that gets me any restaurant discounts or passing acknowledgment. Therefore, it is … Continue reading

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“Thoughts on Net Neutrality” by Charlie Centipede

I’m all for freedom of speech, but I can’t help but wonder: if we DON’T save the internet, will kids go outside and play again??? —Charlie Centipede

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“The End of the World is Upon Us!” by Charlie Centipede

The end of the world is clearly upon us! Good. If it hurries enough, I won’t have to pay back my student loans… —Charlie Centipede

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“Media” by Charlie Centipede

It’s not enough the I don’t have cable t.v. or satellite, NO ONE should have them. I now feel that it’s my duty to stop those media from happening—for the good of the world. —Charlie Centipede

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“Disposable Gen” by Richard F. Yates

A few days ago, Mariah was reading the Sunday paper, and the only section of “above ground” news that I find interesting is the comics (and that mostly out of nostalgia for when comics were worth reading,) so when I … Continue reading

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