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“Why I am Not a Christian” by Richard F. Yates

I grew up in a 50-50 household: Mom was religious, Dad did not seem to be (and, later, Step-Dad didn’t seem to be, or at the very least preferred football to sermons.) Mom made me go to church from the … Continue reading

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“I Lost the Plot a Few Miles Back” by Richard F. Yates

Autobiography is a tricky thing, especially when you’re a scatterbrained weirdo with no point to share! If this sounds interesting, or if you wonder, sometimes WHY DOES THIS GUY KEEP DOING THESE THINGS???, then try reading this new blog, where … Continue reading

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“Headline from the Local Paper” by Yates & Yates

—Yates & Yates [Discovered by Mariah R. Yates. Photographed and Digitally Modified by Richard F. Yates.]

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Chapter Two – The Book of “Progress”

1.      The origin of Snake is of great importance. 2.      In the beginning, Snake was hardly recognizable: he was bipedal, clothed in the finest linens, and was extremely successful in the business of dinosaur extinction. 3.  … Continue reading

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“Religion from Outer Space” by Richard F. Yates

What if that burning bush that could talk was actually an alien life form whose body was composed of a sentient chemical reaction resembling fire??? —Richard F. Yates

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“September is False Rumor Month!” by Richard O’Brien, Richard F. Yates, & Angelica Deyott (and Mark Counts)

All this month, start and spread as many false rumors as you can. Make them as stupid and ridiculous as possible, partially so that you will frequently get caught lying. The purpose of this month-long holiday is to infect the … Continue reading

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“The Glass” by Richard F. Yates (and Richard O’Brien)

The glass toppled from the coffee table, and we all cringed. Yet, miraculously, when it hit the carpet, there was NO LIQUID INSIDE!!! We immediately converted to Cellophanism and have worshiped at her altar ever since. —Richard F. Yates [One … Continue reading

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