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“Reading List #7” by Richard F. Yates

It’s that time again! Here is a list of what I read over the last few months of 2014. It occurred to me that I also read a number of magazine articles, blog posts, and other bits throughout the day, … Continue reading

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“Home Again, Home Again…” by Richard F. Yates

Well, it took two days of driving—about 10 hours on the road each day, thanks to traffic and construction and so on—but we have finally made it home! Back to wet and wonderful Washington State! As you can see from … Continue reading

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“Report on ‘Blitzkrieg Bog Mega-Post Massacre Day!’ Project” by Richard F. Yates

1. What the Hell was that? This project was conceived during a busy and frustrating day of work. When I had a free second or two, I wrote down in my notebook (and on scraps of paper from the floor … Continue reading

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“Risk” by yr

…being judged poorly by the academy. —yr

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“Yates: a critique:” by Richard O’Brien (and Richard F. Yates)

From Manet to Monet, artistic titans have been celebrated for their boldness – not by their aggressive strokes – but by their intrinsic subtlety. So what is to be done with a Yates? The latest masterpiece by contemporary classicalist, R.F. … Continue reading

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“Ghost Stories Before Bed” by Richard F. Yates

[The following is a recent thought from my Little U.F.O. notebook.] At home. Still Monday, Oct. 14th. Last night, I read the following passage (on page 84—not sure why I remember the page number) from the book Ghosts and Hauntings: … Continue reading

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“The Joys of ‘Bad’ Movies” by Richard F. Yates

Yesterday, a rare thing happened: I was left alone for a little bit. In these strange and disorienting moments, I do what any person like me would do. I turn on a bad movie. Yesterday, because it had been over … Continue reading

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