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“Read a Damn Book – 034: Metropolis”

Osamu Tezuka – Metropolis (1949/2003) [Translated by Kumar Sivasubramanian] Osamu Tezuka is one of the most famous comics artists that Japan has ever produced, but I’m not real sure how well known he still is today. Some people may remember … Continue reading

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“PATREON UPDATE! The First Week is Down! (NEW INCENTIVE: A SERIALIZED NOVELLA!!!)” by Richard F. Yates

Well, we’ve been live on Patreon for a week, and (to my surprise!) we’ve already received a pledge! Awesome. Meanwhile, I’ve decided on a few things: (1) – I will continue to post Patreon only artwork, EXCLUSIVELY on the creator … Continue reading

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“Read a Damn Book – 028: The Robot Who Looked Like Me”

Robert Sheckley – The Robot Who Looked Like Me (1982) Robert Sheckley has written some of my favorite stories of all time. He was a science fiction author (sadly, no longer with us) who started publishing in the 1950s, but … Continue reading

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“Desperate Visitors” by Richard F. Yates

The pilot guided his craft, a shining silver disc, quickly and deftly, down onto the city street, then pulled, suddenly, into an Astro-Gas lot. Almost instantly, as if he was unbound from the constraints of time and physical inertia, the … Continue reading

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“Read a Damn Book – 015: Martian-American War”

Full disclosure: the book that I’m about to review was written and drawn by friends of mine. Hopefully, I have enough integrity to be objective. We’ll see if that’s the case… Daniel T. Foster & Michael J. King – Martian-American … Continue reading

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“Setting: The Dystopian Future” by Richard F. Yates

—Richard F. Yates

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“Hippopotamus Will Rampage” by Joseph Madamba

(Year 2389) “It was a rainy, stormy night with flashes of lightning and rolling thunder…”, a man in his early twenties starts what seems to be an interesting story. “Hippo, why do you start off all your stories the same … Continue reading

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