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“Squirrel Bridge” by Richard F. Yates

There are several of these “squirrel bridges” around Longview, WA, USA. This one is on Louisiana Street, a few blocks from Lake Sacajawea. Every summer, Longview has a “Squirrel Festival” (basically, it’s just an excuse to do some heavy drinking), … Continue reading

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“Spider Squirrel” by Randy Long

[Editor’s Note: Randy Long is BAAAAAACK! Finally, after a far too lengthy wait, we get another chapter in Randy Long’s MUTANT SQUIRREL saga, which began in the thrilling tale “The Day of the Squirrel” and continued in “Einstein’s Revenge.” If … Continue reading

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“Dilly the Evil Squirrel (Billy’s Evil Twin, Dilly the Squirrel)” by Randy Long

Dilly was an evil squirrel, a mean and rambunctious squirrel. Dilly would drop nuts on people walking under trees. Dilly would chase other squirrels and bite their tails and laugh. Dilly was always chasing other squirrels, and sometimes he would … Continue reading

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“Billy the Squirrel” by Randy Long

[Once again, we have a guest author at The Primitive Entertainment Workshop. Join me in welcoming Randy Long to the ranks!] Billy the squirrel comes down the big maple tree to find the food on the ground that the older … Continue reading

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