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“Why I am Not a Christian” by Richard F. Yates

I grew up in a 50-50 household: Mom was religious, Dad did not seem to be (and, later, Step-Dad didn’t seem to be, or at the very least preferred football to sermons.) Mom made me go to church from the … Continue reading

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“Hippopotamus Will Rampage” by Joseph Madamba

(Year 2389) “It was a rainy, stormy night with flashes of lightning and rolling thunder…”, a man in his early twenties starts what seems to be an interesting story. “Hippo, why do you start off all your stories the same … Continue reading

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“Chuck” by Richard F. Yates

Chuck fell out of the truck, dead. His eyes were smiling and streaming tears, possibly of joy (although the chemical composition of the tears hadn’t been ascertained yet, as of the time of this writing.) Detectives believe that Chuck had … Continue reading

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“You Can Dance If You Want To…Live” by Richard O’Brien & Richard F. Yates

Septonike was on fire. But not literally, yet. I mean figuratively. He had just rocked through the Watusi, the Tango, square dance, and the Lindy Hop, but it was still early. The Kloordlemank remained motionless, expressionless as Septonike (a guy … Continue reading

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“The New Era” by Richard O’Brien & Richard F. Yates

In a new era of interstellar cooperation and peace, alien monsters now live among us and we are all trying to be tolerant of each other. Unfortunately, these monsters are not used to our laws, customs, and culture, so problems … Continue reading

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“(Untitled)” by Michael King

He stumbled as his foot connected with something on the floor. He braced himself with his hand against the damp stone wall. He couldn’t tell what exactly it was that he’d tripped on. This passageway was too dark. He was … Continue reading

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“Dead’s Fall” by Dante Ruthless

The door to the room stuck. Although the lock had worked perfectly, the little brass key, a strange anachronism in this modern apartment, turning perfectly in the ornately decorated key hole, as I pushed, the door only moved a few … Continue reading

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