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“You Can Dance If You Want To…Live” by Richard O’Brien & Richard F. Yates

Septonike was on fire. But not literally, yet. I mean figuratively. He had just rocked through the Watusi, the Tango, square dance, and the Lindy Hop, but it was still early. The Kloordlemank remained motionless, expressionless as Septonike (a guy … Continue reading

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“The New Era” by Richard O’Brien & Richard F. Yates

In a new era of interstellar cooperation and peace, alien monsters now live among us and we are all trying to be tolerant of each other. Unfortunately, these monsters are not used to our laws, customs, and culture, so problems … Continue reading

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“(Untitled)” by Michael King

He stumbled as his foot connected with something on the floor. He braced himself with his hand against the damp stone wall. He couldn’t tell what exactly it was that he’d tripped on. This passageway was too dark. He was … Continue reading

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“Dead’s Fall” by Dante Ruthless

The door to the room stuck. Although the lock had worked perfectly, the little brass key, a strange anachronism in this modern apartment, turning perfectly in the ornately decorated key hole, as I pushed, the door only moved a few … Continue reading

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“F.U.C. (Not a Swear – Just an Acronym)” by Richard O’Brien

“Floaty Up Coyote has a job to doooooo. Retrieving one’s innocence is nothing newwww. Who is that in the sky, to give youth one more try? It’s Floatyyyyyyyy — go UP, Coyoteeee, we all love youuuu!” In this week’s episode … Continue reading

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“These are Strange Times – Episode #138” by Richard F. Yates

The gorilla behind the wheel wore an eye patch. His fur was a reddish-brown, except around the muzzle, where it was starting to grey a bit. Riding shotgun in the beat up, stolen delivery van was a girl with long, … Continue reading

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“Spider Squirrel” by Randy Long

[Editor’s Note: Randy Long is BAAAAAACK! Finally, after a far too lengthy wait, we get another chapter in Randy Long’s MUTANT SQUIRREL saga, which began in the thrilling tale “The Day of the Squirrel” and continued in “Einstein’s Revenge.” If … Continue reading

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“Table Talk” by Richard F. Yates

Sitting at the kitchen table, listening to old episodes of Monster Talk and posting images to Redbubble. Drinking a cold soda, and looking out the sliding-glass door… I thought it was about nine o’clock, but NO! True, I’m getting old, … Continue reading

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“Some FORCE has Gone Back and Changed the Past!!!” by Richard F. Yates

If you’re new to The Primitive Entertainment Workshop, you might think that all we do is kick out meaningless drivel and silly cartoons—day after day, without stopping, always and forever—and you’d be PARTIALLY correct, but now this wicked secret can … Continue reading

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“Lemon Pie” by rICHARD f. yATES

Sneeze snooze. Rub eyes. Prepare for battle, or bottle, or brittle. With the climbing overhead costs (soaring, really) of inhuman existence, it is the recommendaion of this office, the Climate Punctuation and Rudimentary High-Gene Squad, that a full and immediate … Continue reading

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