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“Executive Decision” by The Primitive Entertainment Workshop

A decision has been made. (Notice the passive voice construction in that statement, which contributes to the suspense: We don’t know WHO made the decision. It might have been made by a crazy person or by a person whose motives … Continue reading

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“Primitive Art Sale (In the Yard!)” by Richard F. Yates

The Primitive Entertainment Workshop is currently at 96.4% capacity for storage. In an attempt to help raise the HUNDRED BUCKS we need to keep the Workshop operating, we decided to hold an Art Sale in the front yard! I dug … Continue reading

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“State of the Workshop Address – January 2017” by Richard F. Yates

Well, now that we live in a Terry Gilliam-esque dystopia, I just wanted to ensure the world that The Primitive Entertainment Workshop WILL continue to report on all the monsters, ghosts, aliens, arts, jailhouse poetry, and cosmic weirdness happening in … Continue reading

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“Reality Check (Just Frickin’ Bounced)” by Richard F. Yates

Okay, here’s the deal. This site was started on Dec. 5th, 2012. Since that date, I and a horde of collaborators have posted 4,178 posts on this blog. That’s two tons of art, stories, interviews (both real and fictional), poems, … Continue reading

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“Statistics!” by Mr. Smog Monster

The humans, monsters, ghosts, and multi-dimensional horrors that produce the Primitive Entertainment Workshop’s content have somehow managed to create 3,907 posts (3,908 counting this one) since December of 2012. Why hasn’t anyone tried to stop them??? —Mr. Smog Monster

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“1 January 2016” by Richard F. Yates

As I sit here in the living room, wearing a coat but still freezing, Mariah says it’s time to eat! [Pause.] Chicken quesadillas with home-brewed salsa! Now I’m so dang full, I can hardly stand it. But what does any … Continue reading

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“What is the B.O.S.H.???” by Richard F. Yates

Walked to the store to get some soda pop and jerky, and when I returned to Primitive Headquarters, I found this note jammed into the door-seal. (How did the writer of the note know where the Primitive Entertainment Workshop was … Continue reading

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