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Greetings folks!!! Let’s talk a little TECH for a minute!

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are starting to allow artists an almost unprecedented ability to gain control of their art and other digital content, which has traditionally been given away for free online, as digital copies of images and songs and videos are routinely shuffled around the net from social media site to social media site without the artists knowledge or consent. Often, the original creators of interesting content aren’t even recognized or credited, nor are they compensated for their creativity (or luck and good timing.) Through the creation of digital tokens, however, artists can create UNIQUE and IDENTIFIABLE content, with the ability to track an individual piece from creation as a digital asset on the blockchain to sale to individual collectors and beyond in the secondary market (being resold again and again, sometimes with artists getting a small portion of every sale!)

Participating in this experiment, through my main store at MakersPlace and with the great times I’ve been having at and on to my new account at to my VERY recent acceptance as a contributor at SuperRare, (I’m not quite set up there yet,) the whole ride has been thrilling so far! But more important than playing around with the technology, (for me,) is all the ARTWORK that I’ve been allowed to create. I have been having a BLAST making crypto-art, and I hope my enjoyment of the creation process is coming through in the pieces themselves!

I can show you some jpgs of the images I’ve created below, but to PURCHASE any of these very limited digital prints, you’ll have to go to my MakersPlace store, and you’ll be given the opportunity to buy the artworks in ETHEREUM, which is the #2 most popular cryptocurrency in the world at the moment! (I think the site also takes credit cards…) Most of these digital prints sell for around .035 to .04 ETH (somewhere between $7.00 and $9.00—in U.S. dollars—depending on market fluctuations,) which is a flat out BARGAIN, compared to what you’d pay for a print at a convention or for a paper copy that had to be shipped to you through the mail!!! Here, again, is the address to my shop:

And, below, you’ll find THE ART!!!

CRYPTO-PRIMITIVE Trading Cards – Series 2!
[This series is still ongoing. There are a maximum of ten editions of each print that are going to be published. Once they are gone, there won’t be any more made…EVER!]

#1 “Three Eyes (Maybe Not Enough)”
cptc - s2 - 1 - (peg)

#2 “Bull Bust”
cptc - s2 - 2 - (peg)

#3 “Snake Has Plans”
cptc - s2 - 3 - (peg)

#4 “Laser Chicken vs Tentacles from Space”
cptc - s2 - 4 - (peg)

#5 “Dancing… (Or Falling…)”
cptc - s2 - 5 - (peg)


CRYPTO-PRIMITIVE Trading Cards – Series 1!
[This was my first crypto-trading card series, and it was mostly an experiment in form. I created 13 different cards, with a maximum of five editions of each print ever being published. Very limited! And a hoot to create! This series is complete at 13 cards.]

#1 “Broken Sprite”
cptc - 001 - (peg)

#2 “One Winged Angler Demon”
cptc - 002 (peg)

#3 “Culture Club in Lavender Light”
cptc - 003 - (peg)

#4 “Angry Spirits”
cptc - 004 - (peg)

#5 “When Dealing with the ‘Humans'”
cptc - 005 - (peg)

#6 “Come On, Larry!”
cptc - 006 - (peg)

#7 “Dragon-Worm”
cptc - 007 - (peg)

#8 “Under the Weather…”
cptc - 008 - (peg)

#9 “Outside Ground Kontrol”
cptc - 009 - (peg)

#10 “Bunny is Afraid to Look”
cptc - 010 - (peg)

#11 “Idiot Reflections (The Slow Blade)”
cptc - 011 - (peg)

#12 “She’s a Pretty Girl (Black & Gray)”
cptc - 012 - (peg)

#13 “Arch Fiend”
cptc - 013 - (peg)

STEEMIT.COM Special Series!
[This series is being created specifically to be featured on my blog, (which has original content, not available anywhere else) although to BUY the digital editions of this series, you do have to visit my MakersPlace store. Each card will be published in an edition of 10 per image. The series is focused on landscape style images, and it is still in production!!!]

#1 “So Much For The Normal Life…”
cptc - stm1 - 1 - (peg)

#2 “No Hitchhikers!”
cptc - stm1 - 2 - (peg)

“Tourists (Enjoying the Sights)”
cptc - stm1 - 3 - (peg)

“Forest Spirit (Blood Drinker)”
cptc - stm1 - 4 - (peg)

Early, more experimental, single image crypto-art!
[These were my very first experiments in crypto-art. These pieces are available in an extremely limited edition of 3 of each—and that’s it! Super-duper-rare…]

“Super Lame”
(mksp 1) - super lame (28 sep. 2018) by rfy - (peg)

“Bunny Wearing a Mask (Surrounded by Snakes)”
(mksp 2) - bunny wearing a mask (surrounded by snakes) by rfy - (peg)

“Pitched Battle (Uncolorized Raw Cut)”
(mksp 2) - pitched battle (uncolorized raw cut) - (peg)

“Simply Irresistible (Glamour Photo)”
(mksp 4) - simply irresistible (glamour photo) by rfy - (peg)

“She is Just Going To…”
(mksp 5) - she is just going to... (b&w late nite vers.) - (peg)

“Mr. Snoot”
(mksp 6) - mr. snoot by rfy - (peg)

“Lost Love”
(mksp 7) - lost love - (peg)

“Rev. Coyote (Takes Up Pugilism)”
(mksp 8) - Rev. Coyote (Takes Up Pubulism) by rfy - (peg)

Remember, to visit the store (and possible buy one of these FUTURISTIC digital art prints) follow this link:

Most of the images have a little story that goes along with them—either some piece of fiction that I made up to (sort of) explain what’s happening in the image, or something about how or why the piece was created. I like words, and I like to use words to add extra value to my art, so hopefully, if nothing else, you get a chuckle from reading the descriptions of the pieces—even if you don’t drop a couple of bucks buying one!

Alright, that’s all the time we have for this week! Thanks for playing! We’ll see you NEXT TIME when our special guests will be the Pope, a hermit crab who lives in a discarded pop can, and Joan of Arc!!!

—Richard F. Yates
Updated: 22 Nov. 2018