Primitive Image Emporium (Buy Artwork!!!)

(Update 9 April 2017!)

Greetings Primitives!

We now have FOUR different Art Prints (8.5 x 11 inches on 90lb paper stock) available for immediate purchase by humans (or other entities) with PayPal access.

To see the “SHOP” click the link:    L I N K to the S H O P!!!

Here are the available images (so far):

4 30 a.m. headache

and they were never seen again

friday - fresh fish

it was expected (but not welcomed)

Here’s your chance to contribute to the exciting world of Primitive Entertainment, and make your house (or cave or space station) a tiny bit more attractive!

—Richard F. Yates

(Older, but still cool and still available ART STUFF available below!)

ghostie handbag
For those of you who want to keep a little slice of Primitive Entertainment for your very own, we are now offering wonderful bits of consumer art, based on images seen on this very web site!!!


Now with over 400 of your favorite Primitive images to chose from and put on posters, prints (framed or not), t-shirts, stickers, travel mugs, coffee cups, leggings, handbags, bed spreads, postcards, phone cases, computer skins, or just fun ol’ greeting cards and MORE! Click the link above to visit, and don’t forget to say “Howdy!” while you’re there!!!

—Richard F. Yates

thursday skulls coffee mughideous living thing duvet coverspider phone casest blue dog pillowspring loaded devil eyeball t-shirtsnake greeting card


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