Primitive Image Emporium (Buy Artwork!!!)

(Update 29 June 2018)

Two more ART BITS that you can have and hold!

Quasi-Misfortune” by RFY on a million things:

quasi-misfortune t-shirt


The War in Heaven” by Richard F. Yates, also on MANY THINGS!

the war in heaven ipad case

Because making things is more of a compulsion for me than a BUSINESS, I am reminded, from time to time, that some people actually make a LIVING as artists. On occasion, we’ve had some success selling paintings and collages and zines at yard sales here at the house, which are always fun because I get a chance to actually speak to people, tell them about how art is a family project for us, and explain the ins-and-outs of what we’ve made and why.

In the ABSENCE of personal contact, the best I can do is just FLOOD the INTERNETS with images and see if anyone wants a sticker or postcard or t-shirt or clock. (I DID sell a clock once!) Here are a list of places where you can find some PRIMITIVE ARTWORK online and order an item or two!

REDBUBBLE SHOP – I’ve been on Redbubble for a LONG time, and have uploaded over 400 images to that site. There are a great many products that you can buy through RB, and I’ve seen the shirts in person, and they look great. I’m also very fond of the fact that they do POSTCARDS, although you have to go through the greeting card section to find them. I LOVE POSTCARDS… (The stickers, however, were not particularly impressive through RB, so I’d avoid those, but everything else I’ve seen come through has been great.) To get a look at some of the products available through Redbubble scroll down to the bottom of this post. All those images come from there.

THREADLESS SHOP – I’m relatively new to Threadless. (As of 12 Nov. 2017, I only have five images uploaded to the site, but I’ll be uploading more in the next few days.) Threadless comes highly recommended by a few people I trust, so I thought I’d give it a try. They don’t have quite the variety that RB does, but the commissions are better for the artists and it looks like the prices might be a bit better for customers. (I’d appreciate any feedback people can give on this site!)

DEVIANT ART – I’m a bit perplexed by this place. It seems to be a social media thing, and they give weird awards (I was given a llama icon for some reason when I posted my first few images), and I have about 10 items uploaded there at this point—but I’m not sure I quite get it. Only a couple of the images have purchasable content, and I’ve never seen anything made through DA, so I can’t vouch for the quality, but it seems like a busy place. It also seems like a lot of people there are making “FAN” art of licensed materials, and I don’t really do that, so I’m not sure how well I’m going to fit in, but I’ve got some Primitivity there anyway…

There are a number of other ways to try and make a couple of bucks from art, like putting images in books or magazines (but so far I like selling it in my yard the best—although I make more from having bits in galleries—seems sort of impersonal, though,) and the DREAM would be to write and draw and run this site full time. However, the fulfillment of that dream is a LOOOOOOONG way off.

That’s about it for this update.


(Below is an older update, with STUFF that still works!)

Greetings Primitives!

We now have FOUR different Art Prints (8.5 x 11 inches on 90lb paper stock) available for immediate purchase by humans (or other entities) with PayPal access.

To see the “SHOP” click the link:    L I N K to the S H O P!!!

Here are the available images (so far):

4 30 a.m. headache

and they were never seen again

friday - fresh fish

it was expected (but not welcomed)

Here’s your chance to contribute to the exciting world of Primitive Entertainment, and make your house (or cave or space station) a tiny bit more attractive!

—Richard F. Yates

ghostie handbag
For those of you who want to keep a little slice of Primitive Entertainment for your very own, we are now offering wonderful bits of consumer art, based on images seen on this very web site!!!


Now with over 400 of your favorite Primitive images to chose from and put on posters, prints (framed or not), t-shirts, stickers, travel mugs, coffee cups, leggings, handbags, bed spreads, postcards, phone cases, computer skins, or just fun ol’ greeting cards and MORE! Click the link above to visit, and don’t forget to say “Howdy!” while you’re there!!!

thursday skulls coffee mughideous living thing duvet coverspider phone casest blue dog pillowspring loaded devil eyeball t-shirtsnake greeting card

8 Responses to Primitive Image Emporium (Buy Artwork!!!)

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  4. Strawberry Truck says:

    i dig your art man! very nice. i know what you mean about selling art… until not too long ago i thought i just didn’t have it in me to try to make money off the things i make, because i had misconceptions about what it means to sell. then i learned that everyone is always selling something. i know, you’ve probably heard that so many times. but if you have genuine, positive intentions, it’s not a bad thing at all to learn to sell your art. currently i’m thinking that it’s really all about marketing. which i also used to have misconceptions about. but anyway, thanks for all the info here, it is definitely helpful for me as a fellow artist.

    • Yeah, I’m still conflicted about commercialism, but I tend to MAKE things out of the joy of making things. If someone wants to buy it later, cool. I’ll let them! (Thanks for the comment!)

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