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“PHantasmal PHigments” by Richard F. Yates

There are, in this world, a great many wonderful things—most of them made by creatures who are NOT me. I like to think, however, in my own small, punky, not-very-professional way, that I’ve contributed a handful of nearly-wonderful, almost-exciting, relatively-not-wastes-of-time … Continue reading

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“Greetings Humans (and Others)” by Richard F. Yates

Wasssssup??? This is your old pal, Richard F. Yates, writing to you from a wobbly table while I chew on a crunchy corn-dog and watch the slanted sunlight blazing through a weird evening sprinkle of half-hearted rain… Been bizzzzzy lately, … Continue reading

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“Disposable Gen” by Richard F. Yates

A few days ago, Mariah was reading the Sunday paper, and the only section of “above ground” news that I find interesting is the comics (and that mostly out of nostalgia for when comics were worth reading,) so when I … Continue reading

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