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“Thoughts on the ‘Pain Induced Marathon’: The Morning After (30)” by Richard F. Yates

When one peddles in the absurd, when one deals in banalities and micro-concepts, when one pushes that boulder up the hill only to watch is tumble back down, there will always be a certain element of resistance to the idea … Continue reading

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“You Take the High Road, I’ll Sleep in a Coffin” by Richard F. Yates (with some help from Tristan Tzara)

It’s important to remember your roots. Mine are late night, black and white monster movies, and although the humans were usually PORTRAYED as the heroes in those films, that’s not who everyone was rooting for in the end. Today, I … Continue reading

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“State of the Workshop Address – January 2017” by Richard F. Yates

Well, now that we live in a Terry Gilliam-esque dystopia, I just wanted to ensure the world that The Primitive Entertainment Workshop WILL continue to report on all the monsters, ghosts, aliens, arts, jailhouse poetry, and cosmic weirdness happening in … Continue reading

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“There were Four of Them, Officer (And I Think I Love Them All…)” by Richard F. Yates

1. The vital instinct. Hardly any leaves left (which means they stayed…) Partly to blame for the event were the sickening lights that blindeded ed the on-lookers (and look-onners, though there were fewer of those.) That night the fog… “What … Continue reading

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“A New (Paper) Beginning – The Minifesto” by Richard F. Yates

So… I’ve just finished my most recent journal (called MUCK), and I’m about to start a new journal (called THE NEW NONSENSE), and I thought this would be a good time for a little self evaluation / autobiography! Hi! My … Continue reading

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“The Primitive Manifesto!”

THE PRIMITIVE MANIFESTO (A Secret, Collage Operation Disguised as a Bundle of Warm Towels) 10 Mar. 2015 – 3 Apr. 2015 1—Judgment In the beginning was the sun, frowning down on all the shit I did—and I knew it wasn’t … Continue reading

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“Night Creature (Extreme Close-Up)” by Richard F. Yates (and Michael King AND Richard O’Brien)

—Richard F. Yates [I know these must take you 2-3 minutes….but still….. you sure do make a lot of them. —Michael King] [I’m going with the “million to one” theory: if I do a million drawings, at least ONE of … Continue reading

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