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“Bigfoot (Part 1)” by Randy Long

As a child, I remember staying at my uncle’s in the summertime. My uncle lived in the country, with a few acres of land and a medium sized house. The Folk Lore in the Pacific Northwest was of Bigfoot. His … Continue reading

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Guess what I’ve got!!! (No fair looking at the title…) THE COLLECTED WORKS OF RANDY LONG is now available in fancy, real world, paperback form! Thrill to mutant squirrels, unidentified flying objects, volcano attacks, and Bigfeet! All the travel narratives, … Continue reading

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“Bigfoot Aliens” by Randy Long

[Randy Long makes his TRIUMPHANT return to the Workshop with FIVE new pieces! Here is the first. Get ready!] In the Pacific Northwest, for years and years, there have been sightings of a creature known as Bigfoot. Deep in the … Continue reading

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“Kid Valley” by Randy Long

When I was 10 or 11 years old, I had an aunt who lived in Castle Rock. She and her husband had no kids at the time, and she really wasn’t my aunt, but she used to be married to … Continue reading

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