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“Cake (27)” by yr

He leaned over the table, holding onto the birthday hat on top of his head to keep it from falling, and blew—then the cake exploded. He flew backwards, crashing against the wall. As his skull shattered and hundreds of tiny, … Continue reading

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“Elvin Wendt-Weasel Tried to Kill Me (07)” by yr

I still owe him for that… —yr

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“Attack (02)” by yr

There was another cow attack last night! The security footage is clear. We don’t know why they are doing it, or how they are getting into the building, but the COWS are clearly attacking as we sleep!!! —yr

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“Pain Induced Mega Nonsense Marathon! (01)” by yr

Friday evening, after a long day of manual labor, I came home, sat on the floor (as per usual), reached for my laptop, and promptly felt something in my lower back go “CAFLOOEY!” It’s happened before: packing DJ equipment down … Continue reading

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“Zooch Meets His Fate” (RMFM 14) by Richard F. Yates

After a life of cheating, stealing, lying, naughty language, murder, incest, and necromancy, at the age of 69, Zooch tripped while in line at a coffee shop and impaled himself on a young lady’s umbrella. Few attended the funeral, but … Continue reading

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“It Came from the Deep, Dark Ocean” (RMFM 12) by Richard F. Yates

Just west of Broken Ankle Point, from the channel that to this day allows huge tankers to exit the ocean and swim through the gap between Washington and Oregon, rose a gigantic red crab. It stood just offshore near the … Continue reading

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“Zooch Gets a Degree” (RMFM 11) by Richard F. Yates

Zooch paid a speed addicted grad student to finish his thesis, and graduated—just barely—with a degree in Business Administration…the most EVIL degree of them all. —Richard F. Yates

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