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“Don’t Feed Snuffleupagus” by Tim Long

Yesterday, we had another family barbecue out at my Uncle Tim’s place, and he showed me his newest piece of sculpture:   Tim has live at this house for decades, so there are lots of weird touches everywhere, should one … Continue reading

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“Went to a Garden Party…” by Richard F. Yates

Birthday party, yesterday, for my Grandma Lucy’s 87th! Found some interesting “art” around Uncle Tim’s yard… —Richard F. Yates (Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.) SUPPORT INDEPENDENT FOLKS WHO ARE JUST MAKING STUFF BECAUSE THEY LOVE IT!!! … Continue reading

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“Paperclips & Pistachios (So It Never Happens Again)” by Angelica DeYott & Josh Erdahl

1. 2. 3. 4. Paperclip sculpture by Angelica DeYott. Arrangements and hand modeling by Josh Erdahl. (Unimportant photography by RFY.) —DeYott & Erdahl

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“(Untitled)” by Elise C. Yates (and Kevin Hong AND Richard F. Yates)

(untitled ink and paper sculpture – 2015) —Elise C. Yates [Photo by Richard F. Yates] [This belongs in a gallery! —Kevin Hong] [Short term installation piece! (Sadly, already dismantled… Luckily, it was documented first!) —Richard F. Yates]

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“Untitled (Dead Potato)” by Elise Yates

—Elise Yates [Potato by Elise Yates. Photo by Richard F. Yates.]

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“Jade Devil Sculpture” by Richard F. Yates

This sculpture was unearthed, recently, in Central Park, New York City. It was found three days ago, near the Strawberry Fields Memorial, buried about two feet deep, and facing The Dakota Building. Those present when it was removed from the … Continue reading

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“Mannequins with Mustaches” by Richard F. Yates

A little found art from a shop in Seaside, Oregon, U.S.A.   —Richard F. Yates

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