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“No More No More” by Charlie Centipede

Ain’t gonna smurf no more no more Ain’t gonna smurf no more… —Charlie Centipede

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“Sacred Song” by Richard F. Yates (and Richard O’Brien)

Meeeeep! Zorp! Doodly-doodly! (repeat 706 times) —Richard F. Yates [I got to 490 repeats before P told me to move out of the house and never contact her again… —Richard O’Brien] [The “Sacred Song” changes lives! —Richard F. Yates] [Lifechanger! … Continue reading

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“Iams or Fancy (Iggy Satire)” by Richard O’Brien

Yes, it’s true… That rumor you’ve heard rumbling through the forest, that certain Primitive Entertainers are also award winning filmmakers are actually award winning film makers, it completely correct. DESPITE the award, we also enjoy being silly. Here is a … Continue reading

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