“Reading List – Sept. to early Nov.” by Richard F. Yates

Here’s what I’ve been reading lately, minus a few things that I’m still working through but haven’t finished, like Sir Walter Scott’s LETTERS ON WITCHCRAFT AND DEMONOLOGY, Dennis Bardens’ GHOSTS AND HAUNTINGS, and Stephen King’s THE GUNSLINGER.

(6 Sept. ’13)
Finished reading Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN. I’m still surprised at myself for not having ever read it before now, but that task, however belated, is finally complete. I can’t say that I loved it (I definitely prefer James Whale’s BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN film), but I finished it, and that’s something.

(17 Sept. ’13)
Finished rereading Scott McCloud’s UNDERSTANDING COMICS for the third or fourth time. Still a very solid examination of the topic.

(21 Sept. ’13)
Finished reading THE HORROR HALL OF FAME, a 1991 collection edited by Robert Silverberg and Martin H. Greenberg. Excellent collection of tales, well worth the buck I paid for it at a local Red Hat thrift store.

(23 Sept. ’13)
Finished rereading Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ THE WATCHMEN graphic novel, and now I can’t remember how the film version ends. I’m pretty certain that I like the comic book ending better than the film’s, but since I can’t remember… Anyway, it’s still an enjoyable read (in a very sick and depressing sort of way.)

(24 Sept. ’13)
Finished reading Yei Theodora Ozaki’s JAPANESE FAIRY TALES. Weird, fun stuff.

(24 Sept. ’13)
Finished rereading Steven Weissman’s CHAMPS graphic novel. It’s still pretty fun but doesn’t quite have the “kick” it did when I first read it a decade or so ago.

(25 Sept. ’13)
Finished reading “The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut,” a short story by Mark Twain. Silly but good.

(30 Sept. ’13)
Finished reading an ebook anthology called HERE BE MONSTERS: A COLLECTION OF TALES ABOUT VAMPIRES, DEMONS AND OTHER HORRORS. No editor is listed. Some of the stories were quite good, but a couple were a bit icky for my taste. I’m not much into icky.

(28 Oct. ’13)
Finished H. P. Lovecraft’s AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, which I read as the first story in THE CTHULU MYTHOS MEGAPACK, a large digital download collection I bought through Amazon.

(31 Oct. ’13)
Finished THE EVENTS AT POROTH FARM by T. E. D. Kline, also part of THE CTHULU MYTHOS MEGAPACK. Pretty fun, much more modern than the Lovecraft, and with a great many gothic lit name-drops. I’d read about half of them.

(3 Nov. ’13)
Finished THE RETURN OF THE SORCERER by Clark Ashton Smith, which is also from THE CTHULU MYTHOS MEGAPACK.

(3 Nov. ’13)
Finished rereading the first collection of THE FAR SIDE by Gary Larson. Published in 1982, but still surprisingly funny!

(6 Nov. ’13)
Finished rereading Bill Watterson’s SOMETHING UNDER THE BED IS DROOLING, a Calvin and Hobbes book. Very fun book.

—Richard F. Yates



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